New Foods at the Minnesota State Fair in 2012

July 26, 2012

Think everything comes on a stick at the Minnesota State Fair? Not really. To see the list of new foods that will be available this year at the Minnesota State Fair click on this link.

You'll find camel burgers, chocolate peanut butter cup fudge puppies, chicken nachos on-a-stick (OK a couple new items this year will be on a stick), a walleye roll, Duke's poutine, red funnel cake, and a couple gluten free items to list just a few new offerings.

What is Roz interested in testing? I have to say that the lamb fries look tempting. I also think the bacon ice cream is calling my name for an end of day treat. 

Be sure to check the list because not every item will be available every day! The list also provides the vendor name and location.

The best advice I can give you for eating at the Fair is found in my post Minnesota State Fair Prep—#5: Fair Food Made Simple (and Some Thoughts on Exercise).

It's important to start with a good breakfast, work hard (with no sugary or fatty treats to distract you and disrupt your output), and then enjoy the Fair food offerings in moderation.

Have a great time planning your Minnesota State Fair Feasts. And don't forget to sketch your food!


    • Carol
    • July 26, 2012

    I work near the Sonora Grill at the Midtown Global Market (at the Fair this year) – try ANYTHING from there. The eggplant fries are unbelievable …

  1. Reply

    Cool Carol, thanks for the recommendation. Eggplant does not always agree with me but “fries” usually do, so I will try to have them on my way out one day! (Though I think they might be one of the things that isn’t there every day so I have to recheck my list.)

    Have a great Fair!

    • Leslie Schramm
    • July 26, 2012

    Prrrt, not that exciting new foods. Last night I watched a programme on TV on a Scottish School who send 17 and 18 year old students to Malawi for a month to help build schools. Scottish schoolchildren are not the most food adventerous kids, but one of the girls on day one; was happily eating barbequed mice on a stick; crunch, crunch, crunch, and in a couple days it was def a staple lunch.

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    Not that exciting Leslie? Go read the list. You must have one jaded palette! I guess I could get used to barbequed mice.

    • Leslie Schramm
    • July 27, 2012

    Oh dear other than the cranberries which I like, but who have a terrible revenge afterwards, I think I’ve tried a lot of those flavour mixs. Camel is nice meat, the tripe is brilliant curried, “Fries, ( Chips ) cheese and curry sauce a schoolkids staple here. Tongue is tasty, even if the textures a bit different, I love it in a blutwurst( blood sausage .)Lamb “fries” very discrete name that, are good, local chinese do them with a black bean sauce. Wasn’t being cheeky about the list, I do love the excess’s of State Fair Foods, but one granddad was a Bavarian Master butcher and the other the President of the Cromer Deep Sea fisherman Association. So I was brought up on, ” as long as it’s got less than 12 legs and you can get it in a net, or with a rake, you can eat it” and ” you can make everything into sausage” Which is why I still love smoked horsemeat sausage. Though the auntie who sold seafood on Norwich market, never convinced me that whelks were anything but rubbery.

    • Carol
    • July 27, 2012


  3. Reply

    Leslie, That’s a great family tree by food! I don’t think I’ve ever had a whelk! But yes to everything else on the list except I won’t eat tripe.

    I was raised to be ready to eat anything (because of all the traveling we did) and to know that to refuse something would be very rude. But my father had an exceptions list for me and my brother: buried eggs and Lutefisk. I still think that’s a good list. (To which I added tripe.)

  4. Reply

    Carol, I’m not sure if the “wow” is because of the food list, or something I wrote in a comment or something Leslie is writing about, so I’ll just say thanks for reading, and be sure to check all these foods out at the FAIR!!!

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