Fourth Annual Minnesota State Fair Sketch Out Meeting Details

July 30, 2012

See the full post for a map and full details.

Above: Map showing the location of meeting for our sketch out.


Tuesday, August 28, 2012 is the Fourth Annual Minnesota State Fair Sketch Out.

We will be having a meeting at 4:30 p.m. on that day, at the location given in the map above.

I know the location "as near the Taffy annex to the food building," but it is also near the Ag-Hort Building (where I suggest you stop and view the Crop Art Display). But if you're less familiar with the Fair buildings, then note down the street names in the map and find us that way. 

We can't reserve a table in this crowed food court, so if you arrive a little before 4:30 scope out the entire area for people hanging on to sketchbooks. One year I found Ken Avidor outside the Ag-Hort building on his folding chair, sketching the crowd while he waited for the rest of us to show up.

We'll use our meeting time to share our work, our fun adventures, and even great conversations we've overheard. We'll commiserate about exploding pens, and toes crushed beneath stollers. I'll take photos of pages you want to place on Urban Sketchers—Twin Cities; and of course I'll also pass out the great year 4 button featuring Marty Harris' drawing.

Unlike past years we won't be having an earlier meeting during the day. One meeting will be plenty to keep track of, and it will be easier to plan your sketching route without having to walk back and forth across the Fairgrounds for the next meeting.

Keep your eyes open for fellow sketchers and say "Hi!" 

You'll probably see me in one of the barns, though I'm hoping to do some building exterior sketches this year (I say that every year and get wrapped up with the animals). If you do see me, come over and say hi, show me your work, and get your button early! (If you want to know more about the 4th Annual Minnesota State Fair Sketch Out Button please see my post from Wednesday, July 25.)

Fourth Annual Minnesota Sketch Out UPDATE August 28, 2012 7:30 a.m.:

Just saw the weather—looks like it might be raining this afternoon for our meeting— Rain or Shine meet INSIDE the Ag-hort building (which is right next to our current meeting spot) in the CENTRAL hall right outside the CROP ART EXHIBIT. The building has a sort of open central area, like the hub in wheel. We'll meet there and we'll be dry, Rain or Shine, meet there. See you at 4:30 p.m. (Someone will come out and look for stragglers at the original non-rain site, but we'll all meet inside, rain or shine.)

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    Still sounds marvelous, still too far away. This year I’ll be taking cards to the SC State Fair, but have to wait till OCT! However, since I need much more prep time to get me back on track, I am starting preparing with you so I’ll be raring to go when it does arrive. Randomly encountered animals, here I come.

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    LizzieBo, sorry it’s too far for you to come with us, but I’m glad you are going to the SC State Fair! Now is a great time to prep for October! It will be great fun!

    • Janine
    • July 30, 2012

    The Taffy Annex… sounds like heaven 🙂
    I’m in California, but will be with you all in spirit. I have not been to the state fair here since I was a kid. Perhaps it’s time to go again. FWIW – I love the livestock exhibits.

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    Janine, it isn’t called the Taffy Annex in real life, just on the map. It’s what I wrote to explain that the Taffy stall was annexed to the food building.

    BUT when you commented on it it made me think, what a great name for a store!!! So maybe that will be my next career!

    I’m glad you will join us in spirit. I do hope you can go to a fair in CA. I understand things are a bit different there with some sort of division between the north and south of the state? Perhaps there are county fairs to attend that are closer. At any rate I hope you get to see some livestock! Thanks for writing, and giving me a push to my new future!

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    I recommend the frozen apple cider sticks in the Ag-Hort building.

    Please post your work on Flickr at the Sketching the Minnesota State Fair. (you will have to open a free Flickr account. You can check it out now.

    Thank you.

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    Thank You Marty for the recommendation on apple cider sticks. And the reminder of the flickr group for the fair sketching! I can’t wait to see what you sketch this year.

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