Schmincke Gouache—A New Limited Edition Set

June 4, 2012

See the post for full details.

OwlSchminckeBackgroundLeft: Owl painting in gouache I made for Schmincke.

Several months ago I was asked to select a set of "must have" gouache tubes and paint an owl in gouache for Schmincke's packaging. 

I'm thrilled to announce that the set is on its way to Wet Paint where it will be sold as an exclusive boxed set while supplies last. The six-tube set costs $64 (which is an incredible deal, well below the MFSP of $119). 

You can contact Wet Paint now to pre-order, or stop by when the sets arrive.

As you can imagine this was pretty much a dream scenario for me: paint a bird using the gouache you love.


It also fell in nicely with my larger master plan—getting the world to fall in love with gouache. That plan only works if the high quality Schmincke Gouache is available and people can walk right into the store, buy some paint, and start having fun.

The 15ml tube colors in the set are Quinacridone Violet, Helio Turquoise, English Red, Dark Blue Indigo, Indian Yellow, and Titanium White. 

I also wanted to show the versatility of Schmincke Gouache in my owl painting. Therefore, in my image I included underpainting with light value colors diluted almost to a typical watercolor consistency; dark translucent passages over lighter colors to create a glazing effect; light colors dry bushed over dark passages; blending of light colors with the dark passages which fall beneath them; and of course totally opaque passages. 

If you haven't started painting with gouache yet now is the perfect time. This set will get you six glorious colors that will allow you to jump right in at an incredible savings.

Also if you're local, please keep your eye open for demonstrations I'll be doing with these paints. I'll give you a heads up here on the blog.

For out of town folks since I can't come to your house and work with you independently I hope to make a couple short how-to videos this fall. 

I hope you'll take this opportunity to take advantage of a great price on a fabulous gouache and start painting today.

Note: If you're stuck on the fence wondering "gouache vs. watercolor: When, Why?" then check out an earlier post of mine.

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    How fantastic, Roz. I bet the sets will be marching off the shelves. Sadly I can’t shop online in the US because Italian Customs then sees me as an opportunity to solve the Euro Crisis! 😉

    • Louise
    • June 4, 2012

    Congratulations, Roz! This set will definitely be on my wish list.

    Here is a slo-mo video of a gorgeous eagle owl. There is a pause feature for sketching or studying this magnificent bird. The feathers …. stunning design.

  2. Reply

    Thanks Robyn, I hope they do, but since it’s a limited edition thing they may well do that. I’m sorry Italian customs is a problem! We are so fortunate in the US to get so many great art supplies from around the world!

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    Thanks Louise, and thanks for sending this link. I thought I had posted this link on my blog (a friend sent me that video link around the time I posted about the group OK Go). I watched it over and over for days because I love the way the feathers on the edge of the wings twist and adjust in the air to refine its targeting AND when those talons come forward you know just it must feel to be a mouse! I wish it went on and on and on, but then of course you can play it over and over.

    If you go here
    you can see a second video by the same photographer and it focuses more on the talons and landing in a second flight. Incredible!

    (At the site scroll down below the owl to two lines that say 1 and two with owl in German I think. The second one is different from the link you sent.)

    • June 4, 2012

    I’m looking forward to the arrival as well!!! So excited for you, Roz. Of course, I’ll be picking one up. 😀 People have been calling, we’re taking names and numbers!!! Love the owl, btw.

  4. Reply

    Pre-ordered. Thank you. I feel like I’ve just been shopping with the best gouache guide in the world. xo

    • Miss T
    • June 4, 2012

    I’ve been tapping my foot waiting for these to come in!!

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    Another example of how you think of us out-of-towners! I look forward to any possible videos of you painting. They picked the right person to demo their product! But why did they not pick a crow or pigeon?

    • Rachel
    • June 4, 2012

    Roz, you have convinced me that I really do want to try gouache and this set seems like a great way to jump in. But I am used to the idea that one needs two of each of the primaries, a warm and a cool, and this does not SEEM to offer that. Am I missing something? What would I need to add? Thanks for your help.

  6. Reply

    Thanks Liz, I’m glad people are calling. I’m glad you like the owl!

  7. Reply

    Thank you Lisa, You are going to love this paint!

  8. Reply

    Miss T, I still haven’t seen what they did for packaging! I’m looking forward to seeing the box.

  9. Reply

    Thanks LizzieBo. Schmincke asked me to do an owl because the owl is their corporate logo. You can see their logo here on the left hand side column

    Part of the great fun of this was that they didn’t restrict me as to type of owl or pose, etc.

  10. Reply

    Rachel, I like to use a warm and cool of each primary too, but I was asked to make an essentials set of only six colors, one of which was white, so I had to think about which colors I use and how I use my palette.

    If you read this post
    you’ll find a list down in the post of colors I use when I have more than the 6 limit for a set. I use Indian Yellow instead of M.Graham gamboge since that post was written. Also I only have Titanium Gold Ochre. The Burnt Sienna is Schmincke. I sometimes still use napthol red from MG as my warm red, but sticking with Schmincke’s colors either their Vermillion or Scarlet red would be excellent warm reds, and I use both of them a lot. (I don’t use any cads.)

    In this current set I have my cool red: Quin Violet. And it happens to work with Helio Turq as a near complement making the most amazing neutrals, rich purples, and yumminess that you wouldn’t believe. English Red and Dark Indigo are also near complements and make amazing neutrals, but I included the English Red instead of my standby burnt sienna because I can get some nifty orange mixes from it and Indian Yellow. Indian Yellow is my warm yellow on my regular palette. The box doesn’t have a cool yellow.

    So with the limit of number of tubes we could put in and one being taken up with white I feel these colors will give people a wide range of choices—the Helio Turq and the DB Indigo will create a lot of greens when mixed with the Indian yellow.

    Selecting 3 standard colors and one white was another way that was suggested to go, but since that isn’t how I paint I’m glad they chose this set selection.

    If you wanted to use this current set as a money savings (which it is) and build on it as well you could add the following all from Schmincke: Vanadium Yellow, one of the reds I suggested above, and and a cool blue to pair with the already present warm blue. You would then have a set of 9 paints, at considerable savings.

    Whenever any company asks an artist to pick a set of colors a lot of factors come into play. I wanted to pick 5 colors that I knew people just beginning with gouache could get their hands on and really enjoy right off the bat so that they would want to explore more. But the set also had to reflect my own use of Dark Indigo with either English Red or burnt sienna. While I typically use more zinc white than titanium white, for a host of effects and such (I have a post on that) since only one white would be included I went with the titanium white as being most useful to people just starting out with gouache. And so it goes.

    I hope you’ll take advantage of the cost savings and give it a try. But if you are experienced in painting and love certain colors you can use the Schmincke color chart at
    to locate your pigments. You might want to then price those individual tubes out and compare the price. If you are going to have colors you aren’t going to use then it isn’t a price savings for you.

    However you go about it I hope that you do consider buying some Schmincke gouache. Also you can check back on Friday, I have a post set up that uses the colors in this set, though when I was painting the image I didn’t realize it at the time. We all have to have the colors we love!

    • KJE
    • June 4, 2012

    I am so excited about this.

    • Rachel
    • June 4, 2012

    Thanks for the help Roz. Now I have an idea of what else I might want to have a *full* set. And I remember that you have suggested NOT using my watercolor brushes with gouache. So I am going to need a couple of new brushes too. (I can see this is going to go over $100 gulp.) Since I think of you as the Consumer Reports of Art supplies, except better, I am sure you can help with that suggestion as well.

  11. Reply

    Rachel, it’s a personal quirk of mine to not use my gouache brushes for watercolor. I’m much more abusive with my brushes when I am working with gouache and I don’t like to ruin my really great sable brushes that I use for traditional watercolor. My main caveat is for people who don’t clean their brushes well—you don’t want some of the heavier pigment of the gouache falling out of the brush when you are doing a lovely graduated watercolor wash!

    I’ve got lots of brush recommendations here

    But a couple weeks ago I purchased a set of Princeton Brushes for $15. They have Princeton 9650 on them and the set had a filbert (I think large and small), a great 10 or 8 round (I can’t find it right now) and a 3/4 inch angled shader. I think there were 5 brushes all together. It was a great deal and they have been perfect for gouache. You might want to just try something like that to keep your costs down.

  12. Reply

    Thank you Karen. I wish they would arrive NOW.

  13. Reply

    Congratulations on the set. I may be coerced into trying gouache now – grumble, grumble. 😉

  14. Reply

    No Adrianne, if you aren’t interested in working in gouache, don’t let this sway you, keep using what you’re using. I like to persuade people because I believe gouache is so much fun, but I would never coerce. Even in fun.

  15. Reply

    I just bought it!! I’m so excited it was still available. I have never used gouache before. It feels like Christmas time. Yipeee!!!

  16. Reply

    Rebekah, I hope you enjoy playing with your set of gouache!

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