Memorial Day 2012

May 28, 2012

See the post for full details.

No photos, no poppies that I can find. I'll go out and look again before I give up. We have an overgrown garden now where the flowers used to be. Neither of us are gardeners. And I think this last year we reached the tipping point of too many new little trees in that plot of ground and the poppies just couldn't come up.

But you can read my thoughts about Memorial Day and poppies by going to this post from the past, and following along through the links.

I will spend time in introspection like I usually do. But it also is time for some action. I need to change the bunny habitat we've allowed (since the girls died). It has now made the yard into a red-tailed hawk habitat, which actually isn't a bad thing, but I still think something has to be done. So today will definitely be a day of "jungling," which is what I call my feeble attempts at keeping the plant kingdom under control during our growing season!

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