Lightfastness Tests for Different Media

May 27, 2012

Since starting this blog in the fall of 2008 I have written posts about different art media. In fact my first post was about Graphitints from Derwent, which turned out not to be a lightfast medium!

I've written many other posts about products and their lightfastness in the intervening time.

I thought it would be useful to put them all together in one post or on a page. That's what I've done now. 

I think I got them all, but if you see something missing and can point me in the direction I'll be happy to go in and add it.

In the meantime, as best as I can gather them together, you'll find my posts rating lightfastness on a page called simply "Lightfastness Tests." (The Pages List is located in the left-hand column of this blog.)

I hope these are helpful posts for you and I hope that you find the round up of posts a useful way to access them.

May your favorite art medium always be not only gloriously fun to use, but lightfast as well. (Or may you not care!)

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    Thanks, Roz. I’ve added the page to my favorites list.

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    Molly, I’m glad you find it useful!

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