Adventures in Bookbinding: A Recent Book Batch

May 18, 2012

Above: The latest batch of books, see below for details.

Yes, when you look at the enlargement you'll see that the book on the far right has blue pages, light blue pages. That's Magnani Pescia in light blue. The fabric doesn't show up very well in this photo—it's blue and black in an interesting mix.

The other 4 books are all T.H. Saunders Waterford 90 lb. watercolor paper (hot press). The largest is about 8 x 10 inches and the squarish books are 8 inches squarish, and the small book is very small indeed with a little inset on the cover where I can put a laminated label or a bit of something molded out of polymer clay.

Right now I'm thinking that little book will be perfect for 2013's fake journal!

I've been really stressed the past couple of weeks with too much on the schedule, not enough time, and internet problems eating up the time that I did have. So of course I chose that moment to pull out all the T.H. Saunders Waterford paper I bought at the end of last year and convert it into journals.

I was going to write that this would be the last batch of books until the fall, but since I have such a busy end of summer I don't know that I trust myself to make and keep that statement. We'll see.

The two journals at the back on the left and center with the same decorative paper have a forest green bookcloth (on the far left, the squarish book) and a rich dark purple bookcloth on the 8 x 10 inch book in the center. 

I love both of these color combinations and love that such different bookcloths can look great with the same decorative paper. That's a huge part of the fun for me—mixing and matching.

By the time this posts I hope to be working through the lovely journal at the front. It says early spring to me. I can't wait to take it to the zoo.

I hope you are busy making things, all the things that excite you and revive your energy, even when you're stressed.

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    What gorgeous stress reduction! I am deep into new manga bags for the same reason. Whatever floats our boats…

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    That’s right Carol. I’m glad you’re continuing to have fun with the manga bags!

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