Adventures at the Hospital, and a New App

May 26, 2012

See the complete post for details.

MeStylizedToonLindaLeft: A photo of me that my friend Linda took with her iPhone and altered using the app ToonPaint. Click on the image and view an enlargement. (Check out the fun plant in the background and look at that braid!)

Last weekend was exciting. My friend Linda had to go to the hospital because an infection in her finger turned nasty. Since she was on her own recognizance between the intravenous antibiotic infusions (8 hours apart) and they weren't making her wear hospital garb, we left her room and went adventuring in the hospital complex. I reasoned that if she got weak or tired I could find a wheelchair and get her back to her room.

We searched the hospital high and low for artworks. Abbott Northwestern Hospital is full of them. Linda started at the information desk by asking, "Excuse me I'm staying here and…"

Staying here?! You're a patient! You have an infection!

We laughed and laughed, as did the young woman behind the information desk.

"Do you have a brochure about the art in the hospital?" Linda asked after we had laughed ourselves out.

It turns out they didn't. We went off to discover them on our own. There are some wonderful pieces: prints, originals, and some constructions and sculptures. They all add to the feng shui and ambiance of this hospital. They even have a baby grand player piano in the large main entrance sitting area. It is very hotel like.

The views from the new wing where Linda's room was located are also fantastic. She was up seven flights. You could see across the city, way out to the suburbs. While we checked out the various patios and sunlit sitting rooms we saw the weather of the day change from sunny to stormy, to a dazzling post rainstorm brilliance. 

Along the way Linda took my photo in front of one of the many plants that decorate the hospital. She then applied ToonPaint, an app on her iPhone. I love it. I love all the other ones she had made previously.

When I finally get an iPhone this will be the first app I get!

Linda is home again and doing well. I'm less worried. But as I told her Thursday, "You're all trained in as friendship material. I can't afford to lose you."

I don't know that Linda will have time or inclination to write a brochure about the artwork in Abbott, but there's a lot of it there and if you find yourself in the hospital (which I hope you don't) you really should take advantage of it and check it out.

Note: Linda was not staying in the abandoned Abbott buildings you can find at this flickr site. It's fun to look at those.

    • Terry Garrett
    • May 26, 2012

    I love this Roz- and alas I do not have an iPhone- I love many of the photo apps that friends have used. I wish you could use them on the computer! Have a nice weekend,
    Hugs, Terry

  1. Reply

    Terry, glad you enjoy this image. I too am iPhone-less. And am really not excited overall about getting one, but have realized there are lots of uses that I could put it to (and not just making fun stylized images!). In particular it would be useful for directions when I’m out and about in areas I don’t know. And there is a growing list of other things. So I’m thinking that I may get one when they come out with the new version at the end of the summer (or whenever). We’ll see. I’m already trying to spend less time (non-work time) on the computer.

    But this app is also available for the Mac and I might just get it to have on the computer.

    A little bit of consolation.

  2. Reply

    Ooopsie. Reading Roz just cost me $2.98 in app for iPad. You look even better as a ‘Toon than you did as a manga lunch bag!

  3. Reply

    I’m in love with Toon Paint! And also with my iPhone which I swore I would never get! Also in love with your blog and amazed that you can write so frequently at such length and with such intelligence, wit, and useful info with your great sketches!

  4. Reply

    June, it is the coolest app isn’t it! I’m glad that you are in love with your iPhone because that bodes well for me when I take the plunge. And I’m grateful you enjoy the blog. It has been a great way to reach more people than the students who come through my classes. Thanks for reading!
    Now go sketch something without the phone! Then use the phone! Have fun.

  5. Reply

    Carol, I’m sorry about the money! But I’m glad that you enjoy the ToonPaint App!!!!! Have fun. Maybe you could do a bunch of them and print them out and put them on lunchbags!!!


    • Karen
    • May 29, 2012

    This is a cool photo. You may need to update your website image!!

  6. Reply

    Thanks Karen. I look forward to many more stylized versions of myself when I get the app!

    • Carolyn
    • June 6, 2012

    I love the Roz toon! I don’t have an iPhone either. I live in no-cell-signal-land, so stick to a tracphone when I venture to the city. But someday, perhaps, I’ll get an iPhone, and of course the Toon app. There are times a smart phone would be useful, and one that didn’t make me feel dumb trying to use it. By now, apple is in my blood.

  7. Reply

    Carolyn, I’m glad you enjoyed this “toon.” I love it. I think Linda should do a series. (But she’s a very busy friend with all her own projects!) It’s odd for me that the less time I try to spend on the computer the more devices pop up that push me towards it! But Apple has long been a part of me so it’s sort of like the Borg at this point.

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