Procter and Gamble Should Be Worried

April 17, 2012


If the embedded video doesn’t work please go to YouTube.

While Procter and Gamble may have 66 percent of the global market of razors and blades, the Dollar Shave Club signed up 12,000 members in its first 48 hours of business.

You can read about Michael Dubin and his company in the Wall Street Journal article A David and Gillette Story.

Why is Roz posting about this? I love videos, I love advertising when it’s as creative as this. Even if you don’t shave a spot on your body you’ll enjoy this video. It’s creative and funny. The company’s website is clean, with smart snappy text and easy to follow graphics that have a bit of retro style which is pleasing to look at and popular now. 

I’m not connected to them and I’m not even trying to get 1000 friends to sign up so I can get 83 years of free razors but I had to post about them. I also like underdogs.

Dick is a straight razor guy—always has been. But you know what, it’s biking season again; I’ve got legs to shave. That “Lover’s Blade” looks pretty darn good.

I may be, as some suggest, a phone call away from being Opus in an attic full of “turnip twaddlers” (or more accurately in my case salad shooters), but hey, that’s the power of advertising.  

Go and enjoy the video. That’s one creative kid and I wish him luck.

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    Well I agree with you Roz. That is one of the best pieces of advertising that I have seen in a while, and I might just buy my blades from him, cuz a girl has a lot to shave!

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    That was great! I posted a link to the WSJ story on Facebook. The prices for razor blades are outrageous!

    • Sweetie
    • April 28, 2012

    It was good enough for me to think it was a parody, save the WSJ article. And now I’m tempted to sign up myself. Marketers should take note.

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    Sweetie, I’m glad you enjoyed it. It is a hoot. I am going to sign up. I just haven’t been near the computer with my credit card yet. Maybe today inside in the rain. (By the way, I love the app you have for showing your bike routes. I need to talk to you about that—the best reason to get an iPhone I’ve seen yet.)

    • June 2, 2012

    Procter not Proctor as in teacher ????? They fear ignorance….

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    Itusmc1 Thank you—you’re the only one that noticed. I had the Wall Street Journal article right here, but my fingers just typed and of course spell check isn’t going to query a “real” word. Thank you. I’ve fixed it.

    I shall try to write less and proof more.

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