Decorative Papers Find a Home on the New Batch of Books

April 11, 2012


Above: The latest batch of books. Top left is a royal blue cloth covered sewn-on-the-spine collage journal you can see a video tape of here. All the other books are casebound books made using the "Roz Method." They are 5-signature books for the most part.The smaller book (6 x 8 inches; magenta fabric; magenta and green splotches on the paper) second from the left in the back row contains 6 signatures of Folio paper (remnants from a paper tearing video I made). The rest of the books are the result of tearing down 20 sheets of Strathmore 500 series Mixed Media Paper. The book on the right in the back row (orange splotches on the paper) and the center book (with green and yellow paper) both have a dark purple fabric that didn't photograph well in my lighting.

I thought you would enjoy seeing how some of the handpainted papers I showed you in Monday's post made it onto the covers of the lastest batch of books.

I created this batch just before I started a new journal and I really wanted to jump right into the book in the back row center. It has a lovely magenta fabric with black flecks and the decorative paper is a splotchy mess of magenta, orange, and lime green. 

I opted instead to go with a book made previously that had toned paper for pages (Nideggen). I am glad that I did as I'm having great fun with the tanned pages—but that magenta book is calling to me. I think it might be coming back off the storage shelf this summer.

I have a bunch of watercolor paper that was purchased last year and it needs to be torn down and made into books so I'll be doing that over the next couple of weeks—I don't like to bind books once the air conditioning has to come on because the glue dries at a different rate. 

It looks as if I'm going to have to make some more decorative paper. I think I'll get started on that tonight.

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    Absolutely gorgeous! I admit, although I don’t what to make books like these, I do want to see them made. Why isn’t there a bookmaking channel? Or maybe paper crafts in general? Paper making would be fun, too. I could watch it while I knit (which I enjoy but don’t want to watch). I’d love to see your decorative pages up close. Thanks for the peek!

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    Why isn’t there a bookmaking channel indeed! I’d love that. All the paper crafts could be on one channel. I have friend who marble paper and frankly I could watch them do that all day long.

    Thanks for your kind comments.

    • April 11, 2012

    Do your thing Roz! These look LOVELY. Can’t wait to see what you’ll out inside them!

    • April 11, 2012

    *put inside them 😛

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    Thanks Liz. Well I’m sure towards the end of the summer you’ll see me working at some Metro Sketchers trip in that “pink” one. EEEE. I’ve decided I like pink. EEEE. It’s a slippery slope.

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    I love following along with your art practice, Roz. So much fun.

    (Maybe you should have a category for the Roz Method of Binding… plus I want you to write books on bookbinding and gouache handling. But if you want to just go on sharing as generously as you already do and live your life, I’ll understand… ; ) )

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    Thanks for the kind note Lisa. I have not been good in my categories from the get go because I had book arts but that’s basically everything (or nearly). If you use the search engine to look for “Adventures in Bookbinding” you’ll get some posts on binding that you might not find as quickly otherwise.

    I look forward to writing a book and making videos some day. I have to make some time for it. I’m working on that.

    • Jane Pfeiffer
    • April 11, 2012

    I agree with Lisa — a book or video would be fabulous. Meanwhile, I am particularly interested in learning your method of making a rounded spine journal. Is there any information about it on your blog? Wish I didn’t live so far away. I know you taught a class about it awhile ago.

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    I am saying nothing.

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    Jane, my version of a rounded back spine is a class I still teach so I don’t have instructions for it on the blog. (The books in the above photo aren’t my rounded back spine, but a flat back method that I developed, which I also still teach so I don’t put instructions on the blog.) I think the rounded back spine will be on the schedule for next year (2013), but I’m not sure as that is a long way away still and we will soon have a new head of adult programs at MCBA and I don’t know what her direction and emphasis will be.

    Sadly the only way you can learn these methods is by coming to Minneapolis and taking a class with me.

    For now.

    LizzieBo is saying nothing because she has often said she wants me to write a book. And I am laughing very hard at her self control.

    I may just give up the blog all together and spend my days writing and getting emails from LizzieBo checking on my progress!

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    Jane I was laughing so hard about LizzieBo’s comment that I forgot to add that you can find my book recommendations on bookbinding books on my page “essential bookshelf for bookbinders” here

    I would also check in your area for a book arts center (I know they are few and far between) or bookarts program at a local university, where you can train with experienced binders.

    There may be resources near you which you haven’t experienced yet.

    I think everyone should come to visit Minneapolis because it’s such a great place. And of course people should come and take a class from me. But I know that’s not possible for everyone.

    Right now I don’t have an alternative. Thank you for asking.

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