The Start of a New Collage Journal

March 21, 2012

See the post for details.


Above: Scraps of paper that I've gathered from other projects. Read below for more information.

Last fall before a collage class I gathered materials to do my demonstrations. I ended up with a lot of blue and beige materials. After the event I was looking at the left over materials. I was struck by the color themes and I decided they would make a fun collage journal, along the lines of my "Adjusting P10" journal which had a mix of papers of all sizes and types.

The above papers include a variety of printmaking papers (including Magnani Pescia eggshell blue, Folio, Gutenberg, and Rives BFK). There are also watercolor papers that I prepainted for use on my journal covers.

I worked to organize these papers into four signatures with the blue and beige colors running throughout. I am working on a short video that will show the finished papers with collaged items in place, waiting to be sewn into the book (it will be a sewn-on-the-spine book) as well as the bound book before I work in it.

I think it is useful to see these before and after "photos" because it becomes more clear to readers what was already in place before I sketched or collaged on a paage in the course of a session. What emerges is the skeleton of elements I responded to, the color thread weaves through the book, and the variation of surfaces. These are all fun elements to play with in your visual journal.

While I work on the video I wanted to encourage you to take a second or third look at your paper scraps and see what sort of journal you can make out of them. Start sorting them into "like-minded piles."

A master page size is essential for a majority of the pages for the structural integrity of the book, but don't discount little scraps which can be folded and transformed into a "signature within a signature" or work as decorative collage elements on larger pages.

By creating a book with a variety of page sizes you'll impact the visual flow of your journal even before you begin working in the book—and that can be a very exciting way to start a new journaling adventure.

    • Zoe
    • March 21, 2012

    Looking forward to the video, Roz.

  1. Reply

    I’m hoping to work on it this weekend, as well as some posts about the classes I’ve been taking—because we have spring break next week and I get to catch up on my real work and my blogging and my reading list, and my movie viewing, and, well you get the idea!

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