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March 3, 2012

Above: OK Go's video "White Knuckles." 

If the above embedded video doesn't work please view OK Go-White Knuckles – Official Video on Youtube.

I have a great computer guy, but every once in a while he finds something on the internet that he probably shouldn't tell me about because then I spend too much time watching it.

Today's video link is just such a video. OK Go is a band that evidently has been making these incredibly entertaining and complicated videos for ages. (I guess I live in a cave; I'm always the last to know.)

"White Knuckles" is a favorite of mine. All the dogs are amazing, but the black and white terrier mix, Popcorn (I think he's called), the jumpy one, and Bunny, what a cutie, are my favorites..

Through the magic of the internet we can enjoy the antics of this group (musicians and canines) at home.

Be sure to watch the outtakes from "White Knucles" video as well. 

And you need to watch Behind the Scenes videos about this too, starting here to see how the humans were trained!

Oh, and you have to see Popcorn vs. Hoops. 

(Yes, there's more! Especially Outtakes + 4 angles will make it all the more clear to you.) It is a great thing.

Other favorites of mine from this group include "This Too Shall Pass—Rube Goldberg Machine Version—Official," as well as the Notre Dame Marching Band This Too Shall Pass Version.

If you ever wondered what would happen if you turned a car into a musical instrument you can watch "Needing/Getting." (Spoiler alert—there's a ukulele.)

By now, if you've been watching along, you're just brimful of joy.

After you watch as many of their videos as you can, then and only then should you watch their Muppet collaboration. Don't watch it before you've logged the time!

All I can say about these young men is, "Your mothers must be very proud of you. Thank you."

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    Your blog is terrific. I’ve nominated you for a Versatile Blogger Award. Details here:

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    Thanks for visiting the blog. Glad you enjoy it. Really happy to hear you enjoy OK Go. They make me smile!

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