I Don’t Want an iPad…but Wait…

March 20, 2012

Stefan Marjoram sketching in Bristol with iPad from Urban Sketchers on Vimeo.

There are hundreds of reasons why I don't want an iPad, but the other day I saw this video and thought there's a lot of fun to be had with an iPad too! Of course Stefan Marjoram's obvious skill doesn't come with the iPad!

Marjoram talks about his design and brush decisions as he moves along. I think this is a gem of a short video for people interested in what can be done with the iPad as a sketching tool. Apple should pay him to do demos!

Also if you follow the link you'll find more videos from Urban Sketchers. While there are other fun videos there, you may also find several that seem to spend more time focusing on the surroundings than showing the artist at work, or even the finished art. Maybe those video artists feel in that way they will convey to us the sense of the surroundings in which the artist worked. I find those types of videos unsatisfying: I want the focus on the artist working, and a nice view of the final piece. Marjoram's short video is a perfect blend of surroundings and showing the art develop.

Marjoram's video is also the best argument for getting an iPad that I've seen. I'll always be a paper girl, but…

Tips While You're at the Urban Sketcher's Video Site: Look also for videos by Tommy Kane who gets the mix right in this short video in Brooklyn. Surroundings for him include the artist's set up. You've probably seen Danny Gregory's film about Tommy Kane sketching in Red Hook, but go watch it again. The 51 seconds you'll spend watching Gérard Michel sketching in Portland are very well spent. And the 41 seconds you spend watching Marc Holmes' time lapse video of him painting St. Joseph's will make you want to pick up your paints and run out the door—again, his skill doesn't come with viewing.)


  1. Reply

    truly inspiring, makes me want to run out and sketch the city

    • March 20, 2012

    Quite inspiring indeed! I’m not sure I’d use one either…but I bet Tim would do some cool stuff on one. Think I should get him one sometime?

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    Yep, Liz, I think Tim needs an iPad, he might grumble a bit at first over not having the paper, but I bet he would come to love it for the fun things it can do, and enjoy the paper when he returns to it. (At least that’s how the current argument is running in my head.)

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    I have an iPad but so far I haven’t used it to sketch. But after seeing this video I may have to try that out! Thanks for posting these.

    • Christine F
    • March 20, 2012

    If you liked this, go to YOUTUBE and look for the pictures of things
    David Hockney has been doing…

    • Bill
    • March 20, 2012

    Thanks for posting the video links. I was sitting next to Gerard when he did the drawing in the video. You can see my backpack and grungy sneaker at the very end of the clip. I don’t recall the video being taken 🙂

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    thanks, roz, i now have a reason to get an ipad. yes i like it. maybe. anyway, it’s a great video and such an advance on the etch-a-sketch.
    hot here, almost 80 in the hills. weird, weird.

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    Chistine, I’ve seen video of Hockney’s exhibit with the screens in the wall. I posted about it on the blog in 2010 but can’t find the post that had the link in it so I can’t find those cool images. However, over of Facebook I found a different link with them shown if you want to see how they look installed in the gallery, really cool.

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    Bill I love that you were on site! I’ll watch again for your sneaker.

  7. Reply

    Velma, sorry you’re having temps that are too hot as well. Have fun if you get an iPad! I don’t know anything about weight or how long the batteries last.

  8. Reply

    Cheryl, since you already have one, you MUST try to sketch with it. Have fun!

    • BJ
    • March 20, 2012

    I got a new ipad (my first!) last Friday and did my first sketch with it on Saturday. . . wish I could share here. It was a DOG (what else, they are my favorite thing to draw after all) and it was too fun. I’m hooked.

    • BJ
    • March 20, 2012

    I just realized that I can share it here by putting it on my blog . . . My First iPad Drawing:

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