How Do You Pronounce That?

March 31, 2012

See the post for silly details of my very silly life

This is a "you sort of had to be there post," but since I still can't stop laughing I have to share it with you on a Saturday, so that if you are going to waste any time on the recommended sites at least you won't be at work, right?

Awhile back an acquaintance asked me how to pronounce a couple things. He wasn't taking my word for anything, however. Let's face it he hardly knows me and knows little about me, and when my pronounciation suggestion didn't fall in line with his concept he declined it.

In a desire to be helpful I went to a pronunciation site (Forvo), that night, and looked the main word of contention up, sent him a link, and received this reply: "That's certainly one way to pronounce it."

I give up. Or I thought I did.

The other day when my internet was failing (well grindingly slow, it's the same thing isn't it?) my computer guy Bob and I chatted on the phone while we waited for things to download and upgrade. I had a horrible thought, "Wait, Bob, can you see me through that little camera doohicky right now?"

We were doing iChat and he had the con so he could work on my machine remotely. "What possible good would that do me Roz? I need to see what is on your screen," he replied. (Bob can be very matter of fact and sensible, which is what I need at moments of computer stress.)

"Good," I said with relief, "because I was just inspecting a string of cobwebs on my CD tower…whew." When someone else is controlling my computer I feel free to let my mind wander

Then Bob decided that I needed cheering up (he wisely always thinks this) so he took me to Elayne Riggs' site for some laughs.

While he was sorting through some posts, I, safe in the assurance that all was now well with my computer and Bob couldn't see me, took a moment to compare the relative heights of my Pantone swatchbooks (it had been a long day).

Bob, unaware of my activities, directed me to this fun little animation of a cat causing no end of trouble. I don't live with cats, but have friends, including Bob, who do, and they all swear cats behave exactly like this—and I've seen them do it. (There is a entire site of this man's animations—Simon's Cat. I've yet to go there as I think it would be too dangerous.)

Sensing that I still wasn't quite jovial enough after the stress of computer malfunctions Bob pulled up a series of fake pronunciations, also highlighted on Elayne's site. After about two of these I was laughing so hard I thought I would pee in my pants. (Safe in the knowledge that Bob couldn't see that either.)

Then I had to tell him the pronunciation "incident." In part it explained why I was laughing so hard (not all the fake pronunciations are hilarious). We agreed that it was a wonderful bit of serendipity that led him to lead me to that site.

"Ephemeral" and "haute couture" are pretty good.

Then all hell broke loose (and I punctured Bob's eardrums with laughter, and fell off my chair—which he didn't see) when I learned, finally, after all these years (and learning French in Australia from teachers with Australian accents) the correct pronunciation of Châteauneuf-du-Pape.

I dare you to listen to it. But not while attempting to sort your Pantone books.

Have a great big silly day. Humor will revive you. And if anyone should be so foolish as to ask you how to pronounce something, you know where to send them!

If you just want to go directly to the YouTube source for Pronunciation Manual click here.

  1. Reply

    Thank you. I have just watched about 10 of the Simon’s Cat videos on the YouTube channel. You are right–you should probably stay away from there! Very difficult to stop.

    • Carolyn
    • March 31, 2012

    The Pronunciation Manual, thank goodness, now I know how to say Thesaurus and cappuccino!

    Good laughs. 😀

  2. Reply

    okay, i was laughing out loud.

    • Christina Trevino.
    • April 3, 2012

    Thanks for the pronintiationf link. I always need laughter, so now I know what to click for that, haha.

  3. Reply

    Christina—I’m glad you enjoyed them!!!

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