Don’t Forget about International Fake Journal Month, But Do Find Some Balance

March 29, 2012

See the post for details.

For people who don't know April is International Fake Journal Month. (Come on, the reason I picked April is obvious isn't it? That link will take you to an explanation of the event.)

A friend emailed me this morning and suggested that I'd been rather silent on the subject of International Fake Journal Month (IFJM—you can find it in the category cloud of this blog). I thought she was silly, because of course I've been posting about it. But then when I searched the category I discovered I haven't posted about it here since JANUARY 17!

I haven't even posted much over on the Official International Fake Journal Month Blog because I feel, in the past few years I've posted instructions on prepping or not prepping, selecting a journal, selecting media, developing a character—all the stuff you need to think about (and then forget) in order to have a great IFJM. (My last post on that blog was March 6!) 

I've pointed that blog's readers to the various helpful posts and have just trusted that they are taking appropriate steps.

Perhaps I thought I was posting more because I have been thinking about it a lot through March as I typically do. I assumed I must have posted more about it.

It has been a truly crazy early spring for me (both in weather, I'm going to go ride my bike in a few minutes!) and in work. Taking 3 classes at the Atelier has taken up all my "free" time. Which leads me to my plan for IFJM this year—something very simple.

I never explain the actual plan before the project starts, but let's just say that at the beginning of March I came up with an hilarious plan that the friend who wrote to me and Dick both loved. I've been doing mental gymnastics all month long trying to figure out how I could execute that plan and still participate in the rest of my life. IFJM has to be about balance in some way for me.

This past week I came up with an easier approach, something in the 30-minutes-a-day range. (I'm sorry Terri, the Frank idea would have taken 60 to 90 minutes a day—but he is going to make a cameo, and I may work with him next year because Dick has totally bonded with Frank in a way he never has any of my "acquisitions." And for people who want to meet Frank I'll post a cross post here when he makes an appearance in my postings on the Official International Fake Journal Month Blog.)

The new plan seems doable but it also requires some paper testing. So I'll be doing that this evening.

In the meantime I can tell everyone that the buttons have arrived. They are actually going to be available at the start of the month (details to follow on the other blog after I get information from the post office on mailing costs). You can see the button at the other blog—it's at the top of the right-hand column. "Details Matter," is this year's catch phrase. (Yes, that mirrors my life, the buttons always do.)

And there will again be a drawing, from participants, for a journal prize. Details on that will be posted in the next few days as well.

So things are moving a long here, and I seem to have found a nice bit of balance. I hope you'll pop over to the other blog and participate in the fun. Keeping a fake journal for a month can teach you a lot about yourself, your journaling practice, and your life, even though you aren't the person keeping the journal. (I've written a lot about this on the other blog, and that's for sure, not my false rememberings.)

Think about joining in—it's not too late to grab a journal and channel another character.

Life's so short, why live only one?

    • Michelle Himes
    • March 29, 2012

    I’m in!

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    Perspective?! Perspective!!?? I started reading your blog in April of last year and didn’t know anything about IFJM because you didn’t write much about it on your ‘real’ blog so only found out about it AT THE END! (which didn’t really matter because I wasn’t at a point where I could have done it, but STILL!!!!) SO it has been a WHOLE year (and I do realize how many capitals are in this post) BUT PERSPECTIVE?! My character may be boring, my attempt feeble but I will be joyfully participating this year (unless the wheels fall of the wagon). I even went so far as to mention it on my brand new blog. I hope there are slews of people but it will be a blast NO MATTER WHAT! Thanks for creating/hosting/promotion IFJM!

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    LizzieBo, there are no feeble attempts or boring characters if you are totally engaged for the 30 to 60 or however many minutes you spend each day working with that character. You’ll find more out about him/her and in the process you’ll find out more about yourself. I’m glad that you are going to participate (and thanks for the shout out about IFJM on your blog, spreading the word matters).

    I look forward to seeing what happens in April for you.

    Oh, as as to not mentioning IFJM much even last year on this blog, I found that when I went public on the internet with IFJM in 2009 I spent a lot of time mentioning it on both blogs and really ratcheted it back on this blog since then because, sigh, many of my regular readers don’t want to make a fake journal. I know it’s inconceivable, but there it is. IFJM is just another way for me to get more people to journal with their whole selves.

    • Miss T
    • March 30, 2012

    Roz, I’m glad you’re finding balance this spring, and I’ll look forward to any cameo appearance Frank makes! (Herman is wondering what he’s been up to since they parted company.)

    I’m prepping my materials and my character for Sunday, and I’m delighted that the theme is “Details Matter,” because that’s one of the key things I’m trying to focus on right now.

    • Klio
    • March 30, 2012

    I’ve been very inspired by this blog and am looking forward to joining in on IFJM. It’ll give me a chance to stretch out into media I don’t use much anymore, such as watercolour, and it takes me back to when I used to create fake journals as a little kid in teeny tiny spiral notebooks for exciting (from my young point of view) teenage characters and adventuresome teenage space colonists. My mother thought I was nuts 🙂

    (Apologies if I end up commenting twice–I couldn’t tell whether my comment is being held for moderation, or if my connection hiccoughed in the middle of trying to submit it!)

  3. Reply

    Miss T, I just want to thank you publicly, and I’ll do so in person I’m sure, for being so immediately supportive of the whole Frank thing! it means a lot and if I had more free time this year I would have pursued it, knowing that you, Dick, and I would have really enjoyed ourselves!

    We will have to have a play date for Frank and Herman.

    I’m so glad that you are getting set for IFJM and I look forward to seeing what approach you take.

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    Klio, I’m so glad that you find this a good blog to read. Thank you. And I’m thrilled that you’re going to take part in IFJM this year.

    I love that you made fake journals as a little kid. I too did a couple back then, but I was more interested in writing fake histories as a child. I love the idea of adventuresome teenage space colonists!

    Good luck with IFJM and I’ll look forward to hearing more. If you post your fake journal entries on a blog or flickr be sure to watch the other blog for details on how to enter a drawing for a fun journal.


    • Miss T
    • March 31, 2012

    Roz, you’re welcome. I think it’s a great idea, and I hope you have time for the Frank journal next year.

    Herman would love to see Frank (he worries), and he’s been threatening to make a cameo IFJM appearance himself!

  5. Reply

    Miss T. I look forward to seeing Herman both in person and in IFJM if that happens!

    • Carolyn
    • April 1, 2012

    Happy Fake Journal Day One!

    I’d forgotten about this, but may grab a book and start. I’ve only done this once before, and character I “channeled” was a future self. ‘Twas fun and transformative. I highly recommend it!

    Have fun, all you Fakers!

    • Carolyn
    • April 1, 2012

    *THE* character…

    So much for Previewing and proofreading. I guess I was excited.

  6. Reply

    Thank you Carolyn, for urging people on. (And I understood you meant “the.”) I hope you do grab a journal and join in!

    • Carolyn
    • April 2, 2012

    Yep, yesterday I got the book prepped and ready, cleared the clutter off of my drafting table, and gathered some materials to begin. Then got distracted by dogs on Youtube. (Careful if you watch anything by Eldad74. They’re wonderful videos of his animal rescues, and it’s sodifficult to watch just one.)

    I’m psyched for IFJM, and thank you for your inspiration.

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