Yep, Even More on Strathmore 500 Series Mixed Media Paper in Sheets

February 2, 2012

Above: Pentel Pocket Brush Pen Sketches of a store owner and some of his wares on "Oddities." This is a spread in my handbound journal using Strathmore 500 Series Mixed Media Paper which is now available in sheets so it's a viable candidate for binding. I used left over Schmincke gouache from my palette and just kept with mixing purple magenta and dark indigo.

Sometimes I don't have a plan, I just play. Sometimes I start with a plan and then move away from it. Don't look for answers from today's post on why I did something. I just felt like it. I've got a journal I made with a newly released paper and I'm just enjoying it. So things are going to happen.


Right: Eye detail from above page spread. You can see the piece of coquille paper I was working on and its texture as well as the texture of the journal page.

I did think, on this night to take a couple of photos to show you and to keep for future students who might ask me questions. 

OdditiesLineart2959Left: I started with a sketch made directly on the page with a Pentel Pocket Brush Pen. BUT I started my sketch on a rectangle of Coquille paper, that had been cut for a different purpose but was close at hand. I knew I would be adding it to the page, so I right away held it down in place as I sketched. I like the switch in texture from the inset paper to the sheet in the book. I know the paper I made the book out of will take collage well and any paint I want to throw at it.

When I finished the sketch I decided that I wanted to paint light washes for shading on the image so I went and got some masking tape and attached the sketch at the corners and started painting. I could have glued it in place first but I didn't want to wait while the glue dried. Also, if too much moisture from the paint seeped through the coquille paper then the glue I use (UHU purple) might release a little (something I'm OK with and don't mind regluing a little if it happens), so it just seemed simpler to use the tape. (Note: the masking tape is Nichiban and it removes beautifully from the Strathmore 500 Series Mixed Media Paper!)

After I had finished adding color washes to the face I then sketched on the rest of the page spread.

120121OdditiesInset2980Left: A view of the painted sketch and spread, with the original rectangle of coquille paper loose. The tape has been removed and I'm just about to glue it into place. I thought this might help some people visualize what was going on more clearly than the final scan.

I suggest you let things happen to you and your journal too.

If you would like to learn more about the characteristics of Strathmore 500 Series Mixed Media Paper (which now comes in sheets) please see my blog posts from January 23, 2012 to the present beginning with "Great Paper News."

Update 3.2.12 for Twin Cities People: Wet Paint has the paper and it's on sale through April 30, 2012 for 35 percent off.

  1. OK, so you have sufficiently whetted my appetite for this paper! Now, where/when can I get it?? This is a great series of articles you have written on the paper and I love your blog – though I’m mostly a lurker.

  2. Reply

    In my first post on the paper I write about how it is being released now and will be in stores when and where it’s ordered as it’s orderd, so it’s best for you to keep asking your store owners, 1. so they know you want to try it, and 2. so you can find out when they are carrying it. I think, if you are in Minneapolis/St. Paul, we should be able to buy it soon at Wet Paint. And they do mail order if you aren’t here. Otherwise you’re going to have to keep looking until it gets out there more—but the good news is that it’s available for retailers to get so it’s only a matter of time. Hope you can find some near you soon!

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