Why Not Put a Bird In It?

February 16, 2012


Above: Pentel Pocket Brush Pen sketch in a sample book made of Stonehenge's new icy-blue colored paper. The bird was sketched on coquille paper and collaged on top.

Look I don't know why I divided the almost square page into two vertical panels with my Pentel Pocket Brush Pen. Or why I did two sketches of a crazy woman. All I know is that when I decided to put in my bird sketch (done on coquille paper, cut out, and glued down) the page came alive for me.

Remember I said that I was testing another new paper that I liked? Well this is NOT that paper. This paper is Stonehenge's new icy blue paper—which is a lovely light, light blue. I love the paper's color; I love working on the paper's surface with pen, PPBP, and gouache. Sadly, however, this paper, like the kraft brown, cracks when it is folded with the grain. I'm one signature into this 10 x 10 inch slim volume that I am using for a studio journal (it's the tall, square book on the left, with light icy-blue green fabric and very ornate stenciled decorative paper in the link provided). So far the pages are rebelling at the signature fold. It isn't going to be pretty. 

Use this paper for FLAT artworks, not for binding into your art journals. I'll have more to say about it as I work my way through the journal.

    • karen
    • March 1, 2012

    Have you been watching Portlandia?

  1. Reply

    YES I HAVE!!! I Love it.

    I think it’s a brilliant show.

    I think everything is better with a bird in it and wasn’t thinking about their skit when I titled this—Or was I? Have they crept into my subconscious? I am sure they have in many ways!

    I have to go now, there are so many things that are better when you “put a bird on it.”

    After that I need to go shop for knots.

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