A New Prized Possession: Episode Seven—Zombie Frog

February 3, 2012

See the post for details and a video.

I attended the No Coast Craft Rama in December 2011 and picked up a new addition to my collection of stuff. (Let's not try to define my collection any more finely than that.) (If the embedded video of Zombie Frog doesn't work see it on Youtube.)

I couldn't wait to show it to my friend Tom when he stopped by the other day, but I didn't remember until we were all set to leave for lunch (hence the outerwear). 

I hope you'll enjoy meeting Zombie Frog. Support artists like Jessica Puckett by buying their wares. They make the world interesting and fun.

I also purchased a plush toy from Daniel Allyn Lee of Happycloud Thunderhead. His craftsmanship is equally marvelous. That toy, however, went to live with a young friend before I thought to take a photo of him. (I wish Lee had been selling those creature-ear headbands he's sporting in his artist photo because I would have purchased one of those—you know I would have.) See a gallery of Lee's plush toys here.

But wait, there's more…when I was posting this and went to Plushroom Soup to get a link I found a posting on her blog where Puckett and Lee have collaborated! Check it out.

To see other Prized Posession Videos go here.

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    Love it Roz and especially the frog sound at the end. I suspect that we will be seeing drawings of your Zombie Frog soon. I, for one, can’t wait.

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    This is so awesome, Roz! Thanks for the support and for sharing this neat video! It’s the enthusiasm of our customers that makes what we do so, so worth it.

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    Donna, I hadn’t even thought about drawing Zombie Frog until you mentioned it just now! Wow I could do really really big portraits of him, well small portraits on really big pieces of paper, with the body on one place and the head somewhere else on the huge sheet.

    Sigh, There won’t be any sketches of Zombie Frog as fun as that might be, it would make Gert jealous. Though maybe if I sketched what was in my cabinet he would make an appearance through the glass window—a task for a rainy day.

    He’s so marvelous.

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    Jessica, I was going to send you a link today but you found this first. I’m glad you enjoy it. It was great fun to meet you in December at your stand and see your wonderful creations. Zombie Frog is doing very, very well here! Thank you for bringing your wonderful creative talent into the world!

    • mimi
    • February 3, 2012

    i’m hysterical.

  5. Reply

    You are hysterical Mimi. I hope you also enjoyed the video!

    • mimi
    • February 3, 2012

    Now I’m in hysterics.

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