Sketching Out and About at the End of the Year (2011)

January 8, 2012


Above: Spread from my handbound 6 x 8 inch journal using Gutenberg. Staedtler Pigment Liner (with watercolor on the verso page). Some text obscured for privacy. Edges of the spread clipped because the book is just slightly too large for my scanner, but I wanted to get it in one scan!

This is one of several page spreads from my end of year journal that I haven't posted yet. I propose to do so in the next week or so.

During the final week of the year I was out and about a lot and often sketching. At the 90th birthday party for Dick's mom my eye was caught by the shadows of the wreath hanging on the wall, and the shadows on the woman's shirt, so I sketched while everyone ate and chatted, then I ate my soup and salad. It always seems to end up right for time. The column of text was written before everyone else arrived and as I started sketching the man's head I decided that he wasn't interesting enough to work on over the text. I got back to that shadow. On the right I had a great regular visit to the dentist. Dick had dropped me off so I used my extra time to sketch.

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    always brilliant and inspiring to stop by your blog…somehow I rarely sketch when I am out and about, and really should try to do it more. that would probably be a good goal for 2012! thanks for all your insights.

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    Dianne, I’m glad you enjoyed this post, thank you. Sketching and taking notes while I’m out and about is second nature to me and even when I don’t like the sketches or don’t get to finish the sketches I feel good about being present and really noticing my surroundings. That feeling just makes me feel good all day. So I can’t say enough encouraging things about this practice and hope that you do make it a goal for 2012. It will be something very fun for you to look back on at the end of the year. For instance I find always that I spend a lot of time in the Allergist’s office (I get regular shots). And it is interesting to read the comments I overhear there, the different notes I make about what’s in the news, and so on. But then again I could just be easily amused.

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