Holiday Breakfast of Champions

January 5, 2012


Above: Two chocolate chip cookie ice cream sandwiches (one is open, the other is closed and ready to eat). We bake the cookies to just the right chewy consistency for this application; and we use vanilla Häagen-Daz ice cream.

The other day I received a note from someone who said she read my blog. She wanted feedback on a weight loss and exercise app she was making.

I receive hundreds of "off-topic" emails like this one. She might very well have been a reader of the blog and even if she isn't I wish her well in her endeavor. But I had nothing to write to her. I couldn't be sure an answer on my part might not lead to additional emails about a project in which I have no interest.

You see I believe in exercising because it's fun, and as we learned the other day, because I'm addicted to endorphins.

Also, I don't diet. I certainly should eat less sugar.

The above photo is my Monday, January 2 breakfast. It was a holiday. But even so, I'm not embarrassed in the least (though you can see there is a reason I ride 20 miles a day on my bike when the weather is fair). 

DIck came into the kitchen while I was making my meal. Again, I wasn't embarrassed at all, I don't hide my consumption of anything. I would, however, rather he not be there, just as my mother has always made a point to insist that my father not enter the bathroom when she is occupying it—"To keep some mystery."  

While Dick is perfectly welcome in the bathroom anytime at all, I'd rather he not know what fuels Roz. (Best to keep him guessing.) We had a great laugh about that. I may want that, but the veil was lifted long ago.

The first time he took me out to dinner we went for prime rib (funny, that is a common thread in all my dinner dates and yet I don't remember ever asking for prime rib on a first date—yet I always got it; distance runners must just look hungry). When Dick reached over to my plate with his fork to claim a taste of my prime rib he nearly lost a hand. He has observed proper distance from my plate and my cutlery ever since.

Dick learned this leasson without the assistance of an app.

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    I once went to a very fancy restaurant with 6 women attending the same art conference that I was attending. We all had excellent meals. Of all the women there, I was the only one who ordered dessert as they all said that they were “too full”. I looked at all of them and announced to the table that I did not believe in sharing any of my desserts. I was not embarrassed in the slightest and I ate my dessert in peace with all of them slyly watching me!

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    Jessica, YES! I cannot tell you how many times I have said the same thing. Go boldly forth!

    • Leslie Schramm
    • January 5, 2012

    And they complain about the Scottish diet. I had posh organic porridge, made with semi-skimmed milk and water, with a banana and a couple fresh apricots for breakfast. Mind you I could have had a snickers bar deep fried in batter with french fries and a couple pickled onions for lunch from the local chip shop. Your breakfast is close to what chip shops sell here as an “oyster” that’s two shell patterned wafers sculpted like an oyster shell, filled level with a dense but runny marshmallow “gloop” half covered in chocolate dotted with dessicated coconut and then you sandwich two of them with lots of vanilla ice-cream You lick round, slowly squashing it down and once the icecream is almost eaten the mallow is cold, firm and chewy . West Coast of Scotland fish and chip shops tend to be run by 3rd and 4th generation Italian families so as well as fish and chips, there’s really good icecream. Was surprised when visiting Manchester to discover that most of the chippies are chinese, so fish and chips and banana fritters. And I also hate folks trying my dinner, have once squirted the big red plastic tomato all over a hunting hand.

    • Karen
    • January 5, 2012

    That is one heart-stopping breakfast. You know how to live. I’m over here trying to eat more plants.

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    Ah, Karen, I’m from the Julia Child school of thought—butter, butter, butter. Put some in. I think when you satisfy those cravings it’s actually easier to eat more plants!

    But if I do keel over one day and you’re sitting next to me, feel free to lecture as the breath leaves my very happy body.

    And know that I’m eating my plant stuff too—I’m eating vanilla bean related products!

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    Leslie, except for the use of the word “gloop” those oyster thingys sound quite wonderful. You eat these sandwiches in a somewhat similar manner, licking around to keep the ice cream from oozing out. It’s quite a skill to end up with just the right amount of ice cream for that final bite.

    Fried candy bars, however have never appealed to me.

    I should go on record as congratulating you on your hearty breakfast.

    But those types of actions have to be their own reward.

    Just as my breakfast was.

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