Fourth Annual MCBA Visual Journal Collective Portrait Party THANK YOU

January 16, 2012

See the post for full details.

My deepest most emphatic thanks to the 21 intrepid sketchers/bookmakers who attended tonight's portrait party. We made our goal and finished all the books by 9:25 p.m.!

I had eight great helpers: Janice Parranto, Marsha Micek, Suzanne Hughes, Miss T., Karen Englebretson, Rachel Nusbaum, Tom Winterstein, Barb Gibson, and Jean Shannon. (Dick also came after the sketching to help with hole drilling.) Each had more than one task at different times of the evening. They all kept things running smoothly. I can't tell you how much I appreciate your help and input.

This is the day of the year I look forward to more than any other. It's as exciting as bookbinding gets—a group of people creating content and making an editioned book in 2.5 hours. Aren't photocopiers grand? Isn't sketching marvelous? Isn't staring at someone for 10 minutes an education?

I will always cherish this book and the wonderful way you each captured your drawing partner. I have looked through the book several times this evening and can't stop smiling. 

There was one "glitch." Because we were an uneven number I paired myself with two people and did portraits of each of them in 6 minutes. (Each artist had a two-minute warm up and a 10-minute final sketch allotment so I sat still for the first 12 minutes while Marsha and Rachel sketched me, and then sketched each of them for 6 minutes of my 12-minute time allotment.) On the lighter side that means there are two portraits of me in the book (a sort of infiltration).

But it took my mind off any notion of taking photos! I sadly have no photos of the group making books. When I bind the archive copy I will take a photo of the books and post that. We used the Japanese stab binding format from last year because it cuts down on photocopying time (single-sided sheets), and the folded sheets minimize show through.

Next year I'll have to arrange for a non-sketching volunteer photographer.

We were able to cut our production time down by precutting all the templates and by having five people drilling holes for everyone with electric drills. (Beats trying to use awls!) I plan on keeping these improvements in the future.

Think about joining us next year if you have missed the fun so far. Once again it will be the third Monday of January 2013! It's a great group of people and how fun is it to come home with a book at the end of an evening!

Thank you all! 

And thank you to MCBA for believing that this is the way adults should spend their evenings.

If you would like to read more about past portrait parties with this group and see information and photos on the pamphlet structure we made the first year and the Japanese stab bindings we have done these past two years please follow this link. (Look for a video on binding the book in the next two weeks.)

    • Leslie Schramm
    • January 17, 2012

    Feel free to fly me in from Soggy Scotland to take pictures. Don’t worry I can slum it in the cheap seats. Enjoy the day

    • Karen
    • January 17, 2012

    Thanks, Roz, for a great evening. I love all the portraits and comparing them to previous events is lots of fun, too.

  1. Reply

    Leslie, I’d love to be able to fly in lots of people but sadly we do all this on absolutely no budget and donations. The $5.00 covers use of MCBA’s copier with a extra for “keeping the lights on.”

    But if you ever do plan a trip to Minneapolis you should definitely be here the 3rd Monday of January!

  2. Reply

    Thanks again to you Karen for helping. I got a note from Jean that she is comparing portraits to past portraits too. I haven’t even done that yet! That’s a fun idea.

    • Miss T
    • January 17, 2012

    That could not have been any more fun than it was!

    Okay, maybe if Ken A. had been there to make Bossypants Roz sketches. He’s very good at that.

  3. Reply

    Miss T, yes, it would have been more fun if Ken had been there. Sadly he had family obligations. Well happily for his family! But I’m sure he’ll continue to make bossypants sketches of me as time allows!

    I do miss his sketches not being in the book.

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