Eye and Brain Candy for Saturday: The Superest

January 21, 2012

See the post for full details.

I rarely hop around the internet much. Even though I'm fortunate to have a super high-speed connection it just isn't fun for me. I'd rather poke around in a book store. (Friends tell me I'm becoming grumpy!) But the other day I was poking around and through a series of delightfully serendipitous events I went from dull site, dull site, dull site to the fabulously addictive site: The Superest.

I could have started you anywhere on the site but for my link above I selected "The Pollen Count" perhaps to remind myself I need to get my allergy shots!

Basically the site is the interplay between the two talented and hillarious illustrators Kevin Cornell and Matthew Sutter. One would draw a character with a super power and the other would draw a character whose power cancels the other artist's character out. Click on the "vanquished" arrow to see who this character vanquished. Click on the "defeated by" arrow to see who defeated the character. It's a stitch. I couldn't stop clicking.

They are no longer playing this game but we still can enjoy it.

Even their blog's comments section has a better tag-line than any other site's. (I'm talking about the "carnage" one, because depending on where you are on the site there are evidently different ones.) There's also a book. And these guys can't stop being funny even when they sell you things—see the additional information at the bottom of the "Bacon" shirt page, "This item will be shipped by Sutter. And he'll probably use it for a towel for a little while too. I know, I know…he's pretty gross."

I could go on and on about the funny little things sprinkled everywhere in the "fine print" of their site, but that would spoil your own joy in discovering them. Go have a lot of laughs right now. (It is a great antidote to grumpy to see creativity in action.)

But wait, there's more. I did a little more poking around and found Kevin Cornell's sketchbook from 2002-03 and there's even a flip the page 180 degrees feature at the site. (You'll understand when you get there and start paging through.)

I could only find this older site Inkfinger for Mike Sutter, and a lot of references to other Mike Sutters I think are probably not him. So if you find something more current, let me know.

    • Carol
    • January 21, 2012

    Kevin Cornell’s original Bearskinrug site is a hoot (with equally brilliant comments), and includes that troublemaking monkey, Mojo:

    And he seems to be in the process of updating it:

  1. Reply

    Carol, thanks for finding this link which eluded me. I think the post with his Grinch drawing is hilariously on point.

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