An Interview with Roz Stendahl on “Create Mixed Media”

January 2, 2012

Several months ago my friend Ricë Freeman-Zachery who posts over at Create Mixed Media on creativity and the creative process asked me to fill out a questionnaire-interview for future posting on that site. She wasn't sure when it would go up. Just the other day a correspondent sent me word that she had seen it posted on November 8, 2011.

I draw your attention to the "Artist Profile: Roz Stendahl" now because some of the questions are ones I'm asked all the time and you might also be interested in the answers. Alternately some of the questions are those I'm rarely asked (such as my favorite color, place, time of day, or material thing). In the course of the interview you'll also find out my favorite writers and artists and you'll see the mess that the studio was in during February 2011! You'll also see a list of books I was reading at that time, and reasons for my interest in them. (You might even find some of them interesting!)

I deliberately didn't duplicate any of the information I wrote for this interview on "Roz Wound Up" in 2011 because I wanted people reading the interview to have unique information when it first posted.

I want to thank Ricë and the folks at "Create Mixed Media" for the opportunity to be featured. I think it will help me get the word out about my views on art, visual journaling, and the practice of using the visual journal as a tool to observe one's world. 

Artist Profiles on Create Mixed Media is a regular feature of the website. If you click on this link you'll reach a list of introductory blurbs from which you can select other artist profiles as well.

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