Thoughts on Creativity—”Visionaries” on OWN

November 10, 2011

There is a new series on OWN (Oprah Winfrey Network) called Visionaries. Each show profiles a creative preson: Tyler Perry, Tom Ford, James Cameron, While the show airs on Sunday nights the episodes are repeated and you can see them at website.

I love hearing about how people access their creativity, regardless of the field in which they work. I also enjoy hearing people talk about their passions. So far all the episodes I've watched have been inspiring and I've come away knowing more about the subject's life and work.

There are many quotable moments in each show but this discussion of song writing from resonates across artistic disciplines. Keep in mind that he has already explained that he is always working. When he talks about songs just coming to him realize that he is in the midst of another creative endeavor (we get to see some of that in the film). He also speaks about how he controls his attention deficit with work and focus and not Ritalin!

The songs come when they come. When you force them, you don't want 'em. Usually when you're thinking about something you're doing too much. When you're not thinking of stuff—things just coming to you, that's when you got magic sauce. You're just like the vessel, the conduit, the channel that it's coming from.

I know how to call songs. When you call 'em you just relax your mind, and then the noise—you can make sense of the noise. That's really, truly what it is, is making sense of the noise. That's what a song is. That's what producing is. It's putting all the frequencies aligned and making them compliment each other. 

Watch any of the episodes and you'll see how each visionary calls creativity in.

Note: I realized today that while I write about creativity every so often I didn't have a category for it so I've added one today. Clicking on "creativity" in the category list won't get you to past posts on creativity, but it will help you find any future additions. 

    • Karen E.
    • November 11, 2011

    …the magic sauce. I like that. Thanks for this post, Roz.

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