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November 18, 2011

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Above: Collaged page from my recently completed Stonehenge kraft journal, 10 x 8 inches. Read below for more details.

I'm still in a flurry of bookbinding activity for a "journal bits" exchange I'm involved in. I thought now would be a good time to show you sketches and collage from the final pages of my kraft paper journal (see note below about the paper).

Like yesterday's post this dog sketch here was done with a Pentel Pocket Brush pen on Hahnemühle's Nostalgie, but first I did some sketching with the Aquash pen which has light black ink. It looked bland on this paper so I went in with the black pen.

I can't explain why I wanted to save this particular sketch. It just happened to be out when I was collaging. At this point I wanted to start a new journal that I could carry around with me. Finishing a journal is often a flurry of activity for me—it was more so in this situation, because the paper was so fragile.

The page was prepainted with acrylic paints. Then I added decorative paper.

When I'm not sewing books for Monday's exchange I have been catching up on a bit of reading and look forward to writing some book reviews for the holidays!

Note: If you don't know anything about the paper used in the journal pages shown above please read this post before you go and buy some: "Stonehenge Kraft Paper Cracking When Folded with the Grain."

    • Miss T
    • November 18, 2011

    Terrific collage, Roz!

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