Journal Bits Exchange at the MCBA Visual Journal Collective Meeting Tonight—Reminder

November 21, 2011

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Above: Another spread from my Stonehenge kraft paper journal; 10 x 8 inches. Gesture sketches of dogs (from dog park photos I threw up on the computer). The background was pre-stenciled with acrylic paint, then I sketched, and then I added the blue gouache on the verso page.

I'm probably still sewing those pesky little books together for tonight's exchange—so another short post, set to go up while I'm at my table!

Tonight's 7 to 9 p.m. MCBA Visual Journal Collective meeting is an exchange.

We'll begin the evening with participants in the "Box of Journaling Bits Exchange" decorating their box covers and attaching box labels. Next we'll exchanging our completed materials with other participating artists so that each participant will go home with a box full of journaling bits! We'll learn the whys behind the artists' work in a brief presentation from each participating artist.  

Even if you don’t participate in the exchange this will be an excellent meeting for you to meet the members and see what work they create and why. You will leave inspired to start your own book arts collaborations. (If you would like to decorate a box with us for later use of your own, bring $3 to cover cost of the box and paints.)

You'll need to bring: Your completed journaling bits for the exchange (if you were signed up for the exchange). Also you'll need to bring cash or a check for the supply cost (box cost) as there will be no one in the shop to help with change, etc.  

This will be our final meeting for 2011 (no December meeting—next year we will meet every month). Be sure to mark the third Monday of JANUARY 2012 on your calendar, because that's our PORTRAIT PARTY!

Notes: If you don't know anything about the paper used in the journal pages shown above please read this post before you go and buy some: "Stonehenge Kraft Paper Cracking When Folded with the Grain."

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