Update on the MCBA Visual Journal Collective’s September Meeting—State Fair Journals and Visual Journals

October 12, 2011

See the post for complete details.

04Ruth1182 Left: Ruth Smith (who doesn't have a website I can link too) began our "Sharing Your State Fair Journal" evening at the September meeting.

I'm a hearty soul but when I reached image 25 that I was processing for this post I simply had to throw in the towel. There was no way I could include those and more in a single post. Deadlines had also intervened and my recollection of all the details of what people shared with us that night was fuzzy.

It also became clear to me that it would be better for people to look at scans of the images than blurry photographs taken in low light while people were moving (photographer and speakers!).

So all I can say is, you had to be there. About 25 journal keepers showed up to share sketches from their 2011 State Fair Journals as well as work from their daily journals.

There was a range of work from specific barn vignettes to panaromic composites. People worked with colored pencils, ink pens, fountain pens, watercolor, graphite.

Ruth pointed out that a year ago she met me and other members of the Collective at the Second Minnesota State Fair Sketch Out. She's been coming to meetings ever since, joining in at sketch outs, and she's enjoyed looking back on her work from when she didn't draw at all to the present.

If you would like to see more sketches, but non-blurred, please go to my blog post, "Pigeons, Pigeons, Pigeons (and a little bit about the Minnesota State Fair Sketch Out)" where I have links to some scanned art.

I want to thank everyone who attended this meeting. I'm sorry my photo processing skills aren't up to the challenge. But I can say that everyone at the meeting was inspired by your act of sharing your journal, and letting us see what caught your eye. Your adventures help alert us to what to watch for.

Thank you also to the patient journal keepers who shared their work after the State Fair work. It was great to see the diverse ways in which you are all using your visual journals. I hope we explore these more fully at future meetings. 

If you showed your images at the meeting and have them on a website please send me a link to that site so that I can refer people to your work. I'll update this post.

I have yet to have time to scan and post more images from my own 2011 Minnesota State Fair Journal. I hope to do that soon. Perhaps it will be in video flip-through mode (less processing of images; I have to find some way to get it done quickly).

I look forward to seeing you all at the October meeting!

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