This and That: Aquash Brush Pen, Boston Terriers, Roofers…

October 14, 2011

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111002WiseBostonLeft: Boston Terrier sketch (from dog park sketches as reference), made with the Pentel Aquash brush which comes with light black ink (waterproof if that matters to you). (9 x 12 inch page from my Venezia studio journal.)

It has started. There are men on the roof. Everyone told me when the roofers came I'd have to leave, and in truth I'm ready to bug out of here, get out on my bike and work on my new ukulele song: "You Can't be a Stunt Woman Past 50." It came to me yesterday when I was dodging folks on the greenway and an 80-year-old woman with sun-tanned skin like wrinkled leather, a spine as stiff as my headmistress', and a shocking crown of pure white hair, peddled towards me. My mind works that way. There is a nifty chorus about osteopenia, but it needs some work as all I'm coming up with are slant rhymes.

And no, I haven't purchased a ukulele yet, but we did go to the guitar store so I could smell them. (I'm allergic to many woods and all varnishes [unless aged].) There are several possibilities.

But the most important news I have for you this morning is that the Aquash brush pen with light black ink is now empty. (There is a slight stream still coming out but no sloshing noise and no extra ink when you squeeze it so I doubt I'll get even another full sketch out of it.) It lasted about 3 weeks of daily sketching. I got over 80 large sketches or complex page spreads out of it. So for slightly less than $10 that pen seems to me to have more than delivered on FUN (yes, all caps). I'll see about getting a replacement cartridge because I want to see how long the brush tip holds up (it's still doing well after a lot of abuse). But I already feel I have got my money's worth.

I'll have other images made with that brush pen to post as the days go by. But now I'll be using some other pens more again. (I do have a second Aquash brush pen that I can start using as well.)

There you have it. I am into my tights and out of here!

    • Miss T
    • October 14, 2011

    Love that sketch, Roz!

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    I have LOVED seeing all of your Aquash sketches. It’s a wonder that I still haven’t rushed out to buy my own, but I’m still going hog wild with the Derwent Drawing pencils. The Aquash is on my list, though… 🙂

    • Leslie Schramm
    • October 14, 2011

    I think it’s only fair to point out that every ( and I do mean every )female uke player I know, know some of the most disgusting versions of songs, that I’ve ever heard. There was a version of “My Favourite Things” that embarrased a couple of tattooed bus drivers. You are therefore allowed whatever you wish to rhymne with whatever you want. I thought up three rude ones and an over the stanza pun, that would make your ears blush for osteopenia; none of which are “Seen Ya'” . A well used , well loved , well tuned oldie sounds a great way to go; enjoy the hunt.

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    They make carbon fiber Ukes. For example:

    Are you allergic to that?

    Keep drawing (and playing)


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    Maggie, thanks for the link, I’ll look into that!

    • BJ
    • October 15, 2011

    I ordered my Aquash with light black from JetPens and they have refills for it for just $3 there so popped two of those in the order as well. Eager to try it out. Roz, have you tried the new Noodlers brush pen? I got one last week and love it that I can put in any color I want since its piston fill.

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    Wow, it lasted for a good bit of sketching! A always love your dog pictures.

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    Wow! Really? Allergic to woods? You poor thing.

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    Sadly Donna wood is one of my main problem. I have given so many easels away because they arrived and just smelled so horribly and were some wood I didn’t know I was allergic to. We put them in a back room to air out and when they never did, well a friend would always get a nice surprise. (Varnish can also be a problem but that airs out. Easels tend to come oiled and you can’t varnish over that, or so I’ve been told.)

    I finally wised up and spent a ton of money on a METAL full, tall studio easel which has no smell at all!

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