There Is Still Ink in the Aquash

October 11, 2011

See the post for complete details.

Above: Sketch of a French Bulldog using an Aquash pen with light black ink.

This is one of my favorite sketches made with the Aquash pen that contains light black ink. (I'm guilty of loving the sketch so much I didn't want to paint over it!) I worked directly with the ink brush on a page spread in my 9 x 12 inch Fabriano Venezia studio journal. I like this sketch because I think I am finally getting a sense of the dog's form. (My dog park photo was put up on the computer for sketching.)

I had hoped to take this nifty brush pen to the zoo but the past two weeks have been crammed with deadlines and responsibilities that have taken up my free time. It looks like it will have to be a new pen because this one is getting low on ink (after a very heavy workout). (I'll keep you posted about both.)

In the meantime I hope that you get to use your visual journal to study the shape and form of something that catches your interest.

    • LizzieBo
    • October 11, 2011

    Thanks for the three years of posts. I may not have been in from the start, but I do SOOO enjoy reading the back posts and comments. The more I learn the more I appreciate the detailed information.

  1. Reply

    I love reading back through your posts as well, though I don’t take time to comment very often.

    In case Wet Paint does not stock them yet, I found refills for the Aquash brush at

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