Roz and Dick Go To the Mall of America; and a Celebration

October 9, 2011

See the post for complete details.

Above: Dog sketch in my 9 x 12 inch Fabriano Venenzia studio journal (too big to haul around). Pentel's Aquash brush pen which comes with light black ink. This image has nothing to do with today's post, or does it?

The Mall
The other day Dick and I went to the Mall of America. Anyone who knows me knows that I hate shopping—well I hate shopping at malls. I find that I quite like browsing at an antiques mall and buying the odd 19th century photo of someone else's long forgotten ancestor, or the odd Victorian tidbit, but that's another thing entirely. I blame my friends Linda and Pat for that "bug."

But the type of shopping that gets done at the MOA isn't for me. And it is done only when necessary (i.e., when there is only one place to get something—though now that the Harry and David store is gone I can't console myself with Moose Munch on these ventures.)

So there we were walking past Nine West. A pair of "riding boots" with flat soles caught and held my eye.

R: Hmmm, I could wear those and still manoeuver…

D: You mean not fall over?

R: Still make my ninja moves…

D: Munchkin, your ninja power days are over.

I laughed heartily as we walked to the car. On the drive home we stopped at Mel-O-Glaze for an apple fritter. (It's just one way a retired ninja can blend in.)

The Celebration
Today marks my third anniversary of blogging. If you've made it through any part of those three years and the 1,078 posts, or made it this far through this post, I'd just like to say thank you for letting me share with you a little bit of my life and my many enthusiasms. I have enjoyed hearing from you. I have been thrilled when you have participated in my projects. Most of all I have been honored that you have made time for me in your busy day.

The Dog
The Aquash brush pen is still chugging along. Does this sketch have anything to do with today's post? Regular readers will already recognize that it is a self-portrait of the aforementioned retired ninja, at that moment when she realizes that she is past her ninja power days—just seconds before the laughter. I think I'll be making a painting of this sketch. I'll be sure to let you know about it. You know you can count on that.

Now go sketch something!

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    well, thank you roz! you’ve made it for, what in the eworld, is an era! way to go, ninja! (ningette?)

  2. Reply

    congrats on a terrific blog. I always enjoy my visits here and find your posts inspiring and informative. so glad that retired ninjas can always keep drawing!

  3. Congratulations! A wonderful milestone! Though I don’t comment often, I read you faithfully and am nearly finished reading your archives.

  4. Reply

    LOL, that conversation sounds like one my husband and I would have 😀

  5. Reply

    Velma, thank you. Nigette. that’s fun. Thanks for reading for so long!

  6. Reply

    BJ, we must be sisters separated at birth. Pet stores and art supply stores are the only shops I enjoy frequenting!!!!!

    I hope you do get an Aquash with light black ink (as opposed to the simply empty Aquash waterbrush). I really have enjoyed mine A LOT!!! I think I have a couple more drawings left in it. It has lasted a long time. I feel I got my money’s worth.

  7. Reply

    Yes Diane, retired ninja can keep drawing. In fact I think they are often pulled into the world of graphic novels! Thanks for reading.

  8. Reply

    Jeanette, thank you for reading! And since you’re nearly finished with the archives that means you’ll be in a good position for the quiz. There’s always a quiz. Just kidding. No I’m not!

  9. Reply

    Skulleigh, I’m glad you enjoyed the post. We retired ninja have to stick together!

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    Going to the mall is like torture for me, and it is multiplied tenfold during the Christmas season. I used to get stuck there fairly often, b/c my closest bookstore was in the mall. But now that all the Borders have closed, I have to drive a good 12 miles to get to a bookstore, which is a different kind of torture!

    I enjoy shopping for a few things- art supplies, books, and oddly enough I kind of enjoy grocery shopping (even though I’m not a huge cook!). But the rest, ugh.

    I suspect those of us that don’t like shopping aren’t into clothes and shoes. Seems like the women who love to shop are into clothes and shoes, or is it just me?

  11. Reply

    Arika, starting in a week or two the only stores I will go into will be art supply or grocery stores. I don’t return to stores until sometime in January. I can’t stand the whole end of year “thing.”

    So there was some urgency in getting to the MOA before the window of opportunity closed.

    I’m interested in clothing, I just hate shopping for it. Shoes, well I have special requirements for those that no one else seems to share or care about so I can’t comment.

    I have friends that love to shop for all sorts of things not on my list. I think it’s an interesting mix. Typically there will be one friend I can turn to for shopping help with some sort of specialty. That makes me happy we’re all different.

    • Nina
    • October 9, 2011

    Super face!
    And congratulations on your blog’s birthday, ninja – retirement is just another disguise 😉

  12. Reply

    Congratulations! Retirement from ninjadom is only a slight change in direction – it means you can let go of your training wheels and grow old disgracefully, ungracefully or however you like, ;-)! I totally agree with you about Mall shopping; its torture unless there are books and art supplies as compensation.
    But there is not enough compensation in the world to get me to go to the mall in December! Thank goodness for the internet, lol!

  13. Reply

    Nina and Caroline, I like what you both are saying—essentially ninja don’t retire they just morph, which is very ninja like.

    Though I would have been able to run lightly across the rooftops in those Nine West boots!

  14. Reply

    Congratulations on your blog milestone! I know I have certainly enjoyed the brief time that I have followed you and the sampling of back posts that I have made it thru. Thank you for sharing your insite, talents and many enthusiasms!!

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