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October 16, 2011

Hey, does anyone know why my Lijit Search Engine might have disappeared? I noticed it two days ago when I went to search for something myself (crossing referencing my ideas is difficult without it!). All that shows now in the top portion of the left column is a underlined link, which when clicked upon takes you to their website—instead of the little search box format which of course took you to interesting places on my blog.

I've sent them a note but haven't heard anything. I don't want to just jump in and reinstall it if that isn't necessary because it takes some time to generate the cross references and sort of builds them over time. Sigh.

But maybe I'll have to switch.

If you have a search engine for your blog that you really like drop me a line. I'd love to hear about it.

Or if you know what's up with Lijit, ditto.

In the meantime I'm sorry for the inconvenience—that you can't simply go to the search box and type in a key word. I hope, while I sort this all out, that you'll amuse yourself by trying out the "suggested" extra reading by LinkWithin, which appears at the base of each post.

Update Monday, October 17, 2011. Thank you to everyone who wrote in with feedback—some who had no problem seeing the widget, others who didn't see the widget because they had "blockers" of some sort running. I am 90 percent certain the problem is something in my browser software—some update turned a blocker on again or something. So I'll look into that. Thanks again. I really like this little search engine and don't want to lose it—for my use!

    • elizabeth
    • October 16, 2011

    Hi Roz. I see the search engine and didn’t have any problems using it.

  1. Hi Roz! I can see it, and use it just fine. Maybe its a glitch if your the blog owner, or a Lijit maintenance thing.

    • Sheryl C
    • October 16, 2011

    Worked as advertised for me as well – it must be you. I mean your software 😉

    • Carol
    • October 16, 2011

    I can see Lijit and it’s working for me!

  2. However it took me straight to their website as well! I am running Firefox 7.0.1 with every pop-up blocker going, if that helps. Its also just done the same in IE9, which has no add-ons. Hope this helps!

  3. Lijit has just been taken over, that may be the problem?

  4. Thank you to everyone who wrote in with feedback on this issue. I wrote an update to the post. I can’t look into it today but I’m convinced it’s related to the latest update of Adblocker, which happened automatically. Now I’ll just have to fiddle around with turning things off.

    Thanks again!

  5. I am using lijit search engine and it is working fine, having no problem.

  6. Thanks Lucida, This is an old post and I’ve been having success with Lijit after I worked out my “adblocker” formatting issues! Thanks for writing in.

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