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A Sort of Update on the MCBA Visual Journal Collective’s Collage Meeting

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This Is Roz Focusing: The Ukulele Question—Part III

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Another Dog? Why Not!

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Gregory Graham’s New Paintings: Opening Reception November 3, 2011

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Factoid from the Life of Roz and Dick

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6a01053560de5d970b01539288271e970b-250wi—I Want To Smile/I Want To Cry

See the full post for details about my recent print on demand adventures.

Notan Revisited

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Sometimes You Don’t Really Know Someone

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Just a Little Bit of Collage

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More Playing Around with the Aquash Brush Pen

Above: More sketches made with my now empty Aquash Pen. Stonehenge Kraft with gouache added. Playing around with the Pentel Aquash Pen with light black ink and gouache (Lukas) on Stonehenge Kraft (if you are going to bind with this paper please read my post about the difficulties before you do). Left: Detail of the […]

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