Reminder: Project Journal Infiltration Is Winding Down

September 1, 2011

See the post for complete details.

Roz Infiltration Sketch the Seventh Left: Miss T. captures me at the Minnesota State Fair. (Pentel Pocket Brush Pen on Rives BFK.) ©2011 Miss T.

It has been a riot to see how people have caught me unawares and worked me into their journals in the past 13 months or so. (I actually can't remember the exact starting date of this quest to get into everyone's journals.)

Well there are only a few days left of Project Journal Infiltration. If you want to be included in the drawing for the handmade journal (with really fabulous paper that is now defunct), you have until midnight on Monday, September 5, 2011.

(Actually you have until about 8 p.m. on that day because after that unless you live with me—and then you aren't eligible for this contest [Dick doesn't care, he doesn't like textured paper]—I'll be in my home, reading a book and getting ready for bed so you won't be able to sketch me. You do however have until midnight to send me a jpeg of any sketches you made of me from life, during the contest period.)

If it hadn't been for Miss T.'s note with this last entry of hers (she's done 7 sketches of me in different journals) saying she wouldn't have another opportunity to sketch me before the contest ended I wouldn't have remembered until the date passed!

It has been that hectic, and I'm not even referring to the Minnesota State Fair goings-on! (Watch for an upcoming post of participants at the third annual Minnesota State Fair Sketch Out.)

Let this post serve as the following:

• A reminder to get your entries in.

• A notice that while there will be a drawing for winner on September 7, I won't be posting the winner until I go through and check I've posted as many sketches as possible. (I'm also pushing some work deadlines, so your patience is appreciated. Check back around the middle of the month if you aren't a regular reader.)

• A notice that if you haven't seen your image on the blog up until now, and don't see it before I announce the winner, it means I simply thought I had already posted it. (It's hard for me to keep all the blogging straight, even with a blog log; and life has been pretty crazy with projects this year.)

• A reminder that the contest is a drawing and not a judging of entries. Some entrants have entered with several different drawings, executed on separate sightings (as required by the rules). I haven't received an entry that I didn't adore.

• All entries, when I received them, went into the appropriate "drawing" folder so that I wouldn't forget to transfer them. Even if your drawing didn't get posted on the blog it went into that folder. Each drawing you submitted will be an additional slip with our name on it, in the hat.

Thank you again for participating in my quest to be in as many journals as I can, before I die. I have enjoyed every moment of seeing how you depict me! If you find you missed the opportunity to participate in Project Journal Infiltration but see me out and about after September 5, 2011 feel free to make a quick sketch of me in your journal. And let me know! You have my thanks in advance, as it will increase the number of journals I've infiltrated, but it will also give you some portrait practice for 2012's Portrait Party (third Monday in January 2012). Mark your calendar now!


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