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September 28, 2011

110918MollyDog Left: Partial page spread from 9 x 12 inch Fabriano Venezia Journal. Sketch made with Pentel Aquash Brush Pigment Ink Filled Brush. (Right cropped because of scanning—this book need three scans on my scanner! And there's nothing on the right but a short note about the dog.)

See Friday's post for more information on the Pentel Aquash Brush Pigment Ink Filled Brush.

I was out and about and Anna brought her American Water Spaniel to Wet Paint. Molly is a lovely little brown dog. There was too much happening in the store—and I'd already been there for hours chatting with people—so I took photos of Molly and her lovely coiffed ears to sketch from later. (I put the photos up on my computer screen and sit back—this time without my glasses and a lot of squinting.)

If you click on the image and look at the eyes you can see how it's fun to lay in successive layers of this light black ink. I told you that this brush pen makes me more "sketchy" in my approach, and I think you can see that from this drawing as well, with lots of restated lines.

I haven't used the brush today. I think I'd better go do that right now!

    • September 28, 2011

    I thought I recognized that dogger! Molly is a sweet one! This is a lovely sketch.

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    I just wanted to say, no matter what you are posting about, your blog makes my day. even today, missing my beagle baby and all your sweet puppy sketches, you make me smile. THANK YOU!

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    Paula, thank you for your very kind comment. I’m glad that you enjoy visiting RozWoundUp. You say “missing my beagle baby” and I’m wondering if that means you have recently lost a dog. If so I’m very, very sorry for your loss and I hope that you can get out and have some canine contact today, even if just for a minute on a walk on a city street! The other day I was out and met the most adorable pup. For a couple minutes he let me know that I was very interesting. It really makes a difference to our mood and outlook to have even a strange dog acknowledge that he knows we have their backs—are their kind of people.

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    Yes Roz. My 14 yo sweetheart developed a tumor on his spleen and I had to let him go. It was the right thing to do but doesnt fill the hole in my heart. I am thinking of volunteering at a shelter, we have Humane Society and no kill ones nearby, while my children are in school a day or two a week but he just went home Tuesday and I’ve got to stop crying first. I don’t think I’m going to be ready to welcome another dog into my home for a long while yet –can’t even think of it–but he was a pound puppy and I think it would honor him. Thank you!

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    Paula, I am very sorry to hear this. I hope you can be comforted somewhat that he got to have a happy life for 14 years.

    I don’t think anything ever fills the hole in our heart that our dogs leave behind, except more love—love for those around us, not only dogs. Dogs teach us to live in the present moment, and that lesson helps us most when we lose them.

    I think you are wise to take some time before bringing another dog home. You need to allow yourself to grieve for your dog first. You’ll know when the time is right.

    • Anna
    • September 30, 2011

    Roz, this is a fantastic rendering of Molly. I just adore it! I’m so sorry to hear when someone loses their pet. It’s such a hard thing to endure. Molly’s 8 and in good health, so she’s not nearing the end, but I do think about it when I feel like I love her too much. I read this article today and it made me cry but it also made me smile.

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