Jeff Rathermel’s “Project Gutenberg Project” Opens September 23

September 20, 2011

See the post for full details.

Project Gutenberg Project by Jeff Rathermel opens on September 23, 2011. (The opening reception is 7 to 10 p.m.)

Susan Hensel Gallery is the venue. The show runs from Sept. 23 through November 18, 2011.

There is also a closing event on November 11, 7 to 9 p.m. "Keep in Touch: Physicality in Contemporary Art," The Artist in conversation with Marianne Combs and Paulette Myers-Rich.

This is what the promotional material says:

More and more, we are giving up the tangible for the digital. Project Gutenberg Project responds to this by celebrating the material beauty of the book and the value of tactile experience. Using book remains to create two- and three-dimensional work, this project both embraces and criticizes the power of technology to shape our understanding of the world. It asks viewers to reflect on their interactions not only with books, but with all physical objects in their lives.

Jeff Rathermel is the executive director of the Minnesota Center for Book Arts. Click here for highlights from an informal "Artist's book" chat with Jeff Rathermel. (Note: since that August 19, 2010 post was published Rathermel has become the executive director.)

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