Even More with the Aquash Light Black Ink

September 30, 2011

See the post for complete details.

110928WireHairPoint Left: Dog sketch on a 9 x 12 inch page in my new Fabriano Venezia studio journal. Brush pen sketch using Pentel Aquash with light black ink. (Note the writo: that should be "Wire Haired Pointer." And no he didn't have a blue or light yellow eye, but I got to this point and decided I shouldn't fuss with the eye.)

September 28 was a fun day. I got to start TWO new journals. I finished both my studio journal (which is large and stays in the studio) and my regular journal (which goes everywhere with me) on the same day (Septemer 27), which is unusual. So on Wednesday I cracked open two new journals. More about multiple journals on another day.

Today I just wanted to say that my Pentel Aquash Brush Pigment Ink Filled Brush which I wrote about on Sept. 23 is still going strong. (See additional posts and sketches using this brush pen in other posts between Sept. 23 and today.)

In fact, when I shake the brush pen gently I can hear a lot of ink still sloshing around in there. Which is good, because as you can tell I love using this pen. I have much to explore with it.

One thing that I really enjoy is making shadow areas that are dark, yet not black (as would happen with my Pentel Pocket Brush Pen, which has jet black ink). There is something less harsh that I enjoy about this light black ink.

And yet you can go back and put in additional strokes to darken areas, and I like that too.

I love the stark contrast of a dark black against white paper, but I find I'm loving this softer look too. I've finding it a very versatile tool with none of the mess and fuss of diluting your ink as you work.

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    Isn’t he a cutie! I like the play of the different grays. I’ll have to go farther back and read your post on the pen.

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    Love this sketch! Love the play of the lines, especially along the top of his head, and the patches of dark vs light.
    Thanks for sharing it!

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