Birds Everywhere

September 24, 2011

No image today, just a quick reminder to get out and look at birds. If you don't know where to find birds check out my post about bird sightings from June 10, 2009.

This all came freshly to mind for me because Tuesday, Sept. 20 I had a bird-filled bike ride. I waited until the morning rain had stopped so I got a later (8:50 a.m.) start than usual. It was 60 degrees F. (and rose to 67 by the time I'd returned). The sun was out in force, chasing the clouds away. It was WINDY. I wore shorts and a T-shirt again (after days of tights and long-sleeved layers). I saw wild turkeys, Canada Geese, and had a close encounter with a bald eagle on my own final approach to home—crossing the Franklin Avenue bridge. (I tweeted about all three when I was at the computer later that day; sorry for the repetition.)

In the afternoon of the same day I was returning from a visit to the acupuncturist. I passed the Fairgrounds and saw the now vacant animal trailer lot was filled with Canada geese in transit. Of course I had to stop. The flock moved too far from the car to be more than a spec if rendered in my journal—but the 18x zoom on the new little camera helped me study them from afar. (I knew that would come in handy.)

Later that evening while checking something on my blog I serendipitously found the post linked above. It was definitely a bird day.

But the truth is it is always a bird day around here. Read my June 10, 2009 post and ask yourself why it isn't a bird day everyday where you are!

    • Melly
    • September 25, 2011

    I hear you Roz! I love in city and this is migration season. I can’t wait to see some warblers! There are usually hawk, vultures and pigeons up above, pigeons on the ground too, but I think folks forget to look up! And then the African Sparrows, Cardinals, Blue Jays, and those other Shakespear birds I forget the name of, the invasive ones from England. I am head over heals for birds.

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