My Painting Is in the Minnesota State Fair Fine Arts Exhibition 2011

August 19, 2011

See the complete post for details.

Oscar3634 Left: "Clicker Trained," ©2011 Roz Stendahl. Gouache on watercolor canvas board; 12 x 16 inches.

I'm very happy to announce that my painting shown here was accepted into this year's Minnesota State Fair Fine Arts Exhibition.

Update: I found out on August 25, when my friend Karen emailed from the Fair, that I'd received an Honorable Mention in my category.

You can visit the exhibition and see my painting in person at the Fine Arts Building on the Minnesota State Fairgrounds. The building is open from 9 a.m. to 9 p.m. each day of the Fair: August 25 through September 5, 2011.

(There is a fee for attending the Fair, but entrance to the art exhibit is free.)

This is my first piece in the Minnesota State Fair Fine Arts Exhibit. I entered once before, but the piece was rejected.

For people outside of Minnesota a little background might be in order.

To enter the Fair's Fine Arts exhibition you submit an entry form in June or so. You receive an entrance tag for your painting with the information from your entry form. There are a lot of categories to enter and each category has specific rules, all of which are published each year in the "premium" book (which is now online).

On a certain date (you're actually given 3 days) you bring your framed painting to the Fairgrounds and leave it for judging. About a week later you receive notification that your piece has been accepted or declined. If the latter you show up on during another 3-day period to pick up your art. If your piece is accepted you will see it in the exhibition and will pick it up after the Fair closes.

Many of the pieces on display will be for sale (mine is not for sale). This art exhibition, because of the attendance levels of the Fair, receives a lot of exposure.

So many artists working in so many different media, capturing such a variety of themes ensures that some really great art will not be selected by the jurors. Out of this has grown another Minnesota tradition—the Salon 300: Minnesota State Fair Overflow Show. This year's overflow show, at the Hopkins Arts Center, will run from August 13 – September 4, 2011—with an opening reception on Saturday, August 13, 6-8 p.m. I suggest that you also check it out.

If you would like to know a little about the judging process of this show you can read Tom Winterstein's report on the Old Town Artists' Blog. This year—"Between 16-22 percent of the works entered in each category were accepted." There were 2084 entries and 355 pieces will hang in the final show.

    • LizzieBo
    • August 19, 2011

    Congratulations! What fun. Would you skech people looking at your painting? Is that a whole other aspect of journal infiltration?

  1. Reply

    Oscar is fantastic! Congratulations.


  2. Reply

    LizzieBo, that would be fun. Unfortunately I’ve never been in the exhibit building when it hasn’t been so crowded you can hardly move, unless you are moving around the exhibit in front of the paintings. I don’t think I could find a place to stand where I wouldn’t constantly be bumped and blocked. I’ll stick with the animals and outside the buildings (it can also get very hot in the exhibition building as there is no a.c. and some days it gets very warm outside.)

  3. Reply

    Thanks Patti and Miss T.

    • Liz Carlson
    • August 19, 2011

    CongrationS Roz! Love a spotted dog!

    • Zoe
    • August 19, 2011

    Congratulations, Roz. The painting looks super.

  4. Reply

    Congrats on your getting accepted in the show- I found you through Faint Heart Art- I have read several of your posts and have found them informative and most enjoyable.
    Johnina 😀

  5. Reply

    Way to go! Congratulations! Have you come down to earth yet, or are you still doing your happy dance? Its incredible odds when you think of how many entries there are, so you are entitled to feel proud of yourself, and enjoy a spot of basking in your glory! Well done!

  6. Reply

    Liz, this dog was actually painted from a dip pen sketch I did from imagination. While the breed is different I think I may have had certain favorite dogs in mind for the coat. (I once had to sketch a deceased scientist with a beard and no one could give me any good reference materials, except a very bad photo and a statue, so I used my brother’s beard as a stand in for the scientist’s. My mind is funny that way.)

    But yes, you have to love spotted dogs—they are more fun to draw too.

  7. Reply

    Zoe and Johnina, thank you both. I’m glad that you enjoyed the painting.

  8. Reply

    Thanks Caroline, but there was no leaving the earth or any happy dance, more just a sense of relief to make it through the gauntlet.

    I know over 15 artists whose talents are way beyond mine, who didn’t get in, so that really tempers the elation. I think the juror just had a sense of humor!

    And of course after they sent me a note, I just went right back to work painting. That’s the best way to celebrate anything isn’t it?

    • Linda
    • August 20, 2011

    Roz, Congratulations Roz, what a wonderful thing to be happening. Enjoy your day:)

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