Heaven in a Bottle, and I Don’t Mean Ink

July 5, 2011

Above: Icy cold Sioux City Orange Cream Soda.

A couple weeks ago while on an in-town road trip with my friend Linda we stopped off at bar/diner (I don't remember the name, that's not important) and I had a Sioux City Orange Cream Soda.

This is what orange soda was meant to be. Forget childhood dreams of Fanta or Nehi, Crush…etc. It's all et cetera when this exists. I hope you have one soon.

    • Leslie Schramm
    • July 5, 2011

    Ok I’ll officially hate you for showing off.Lol. It’s a great orange soda, ( I have an annoyng habit when in America of ordering something Iv’e never had everytime I can; This was a definate keeper. “French” dressing was an orange surprise; not one repeated and there’s been a few odd rootbeers and some truly horrible candy bars, and sadly for the waistline a lot of good salty, fatty snacks ) I like the picture, looks the proper place for it, slightly dingy, slightly seedy and ice cold. I think you can get in Trader Joe’s so have fun hunting some out.

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    Leslie, you MUST have one of these, icy, icy cold. You will FAINT. And then when you get up off the floor you will want another one!

    There are some truly great rootbeers, but there are also some really awful ones! I wrote a report about it when I first started dating Dick. I think that’s why he fell in love with me—that and my shit eating grin!

    Don’t get me started on candy comparisons. I was shocked to show up in Australia as a child and learn I’d been ripped away from my favorite treats. (Smarties are NOTHING like M&Ms.) And then when I grew accustomed to the Australian fare, to loose it all years later!

    I will head over to Trader Joe’s! Thanks for the possibility.

    And yes, where we were was a dingy and slightly seedy, but all in the best of ways! (There is no silverware! Actually, no utensils of any kind, including plastic.) And the folks were all so kind and great to us (my friend had special dietary needs).

    • Christina Trevino.
    • July 21, 2011

    Just because you have mentioned several (?) times, I’d like to see a pic of you wearing your “shit eating grin”, I am ever so curious about it…

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    Christina, hey, my Facebook page has me with a shit-eating grin. The little icon photo that you use? I have a magnifying headset on too.

    I will have to get my eyeglass photo up. There is disagreement as to which one is the most “me.”

    The photo we used on the Strata interview is close, but not full beam.

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