More From the In-Studio Journal: Gert Wary!

June 16, 2011

Please see the full post for details.

Above: Spread from my 9 x 12 inch Venezia journal. The text is obscured for privacy. I prepainted the entire background of the page spread, but the sketch on the right (done outside the journal) covers the recto page almost completely now.

I sketched Gert here with a Pentel Pocket Brush Pen on a piece of mixed media paper from the Strathmore Journal Line (this paper is not available in sheets—hint, hint Strathmore). I added some gouache (Schmincke). This is the first time I've ever sketched Gert with her mouth shut so I wanted to include her in the regular stream of my journal (which is sort of irregular now because I am working in two journals: the in-studio one and a portable one; see related posts since June 10, 2011). I thought about saving this page spread to paint on directly. I could easily have put Gert on blank spread later on, but I had just told my Strathmore students not to worry about using up great backgrounds—You can always make more.

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    I don’t like the thought of Gert being wary. I agree, make more! Thatis whathaving the art supplies is all about. And perhaps you mightlike reading this:

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    I love, love the mixed media paper/journal by Strathmore. I have sent them two emails telling them so and asking if they would be making more sizes in this journal, to which they replied, that they had no plans at this time of doing so. Yikes, can you get something going on this Roz?

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    Oh Melly, what fun. I wish I had a donkey. I would sketch him all the time. Thanks for the fun link.

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    Donna, I have begged Strathmore to release that Mixed Media paper from their journals in sheets. I would like to make my own journals using that paper. So far no concrete news or movement on that.

    I’ve also asked about more sizes, specifically a square book in the 8 x 8 inch range. There are issues of course with cutting things to various sizes and having waste but if they see a market for them I’m sure they’ll eventually do something like that, even if they have no plans to do so now. So post about it on the class website before everyone scatters to the wind AND ask all your friends to write in.

    Strathmore really wants to provide great products for the art community so I think that they will listen to “groups.”

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