Blog Housekeeping—Subscribing to this Blog; And Some Dogs!

June 7, 2011

Click to view the full post and see the full details, as well as some quick dog sketches.

110515BullDogA Left: A bit of fun for showing up at the blog today—a 9 x 12 inch page from a Fabriano Venezia journal which I'll have much more about later this week and next. Two dog park sketches with Pentel Pocket Brush Pen. I threw my photos up on my large computer screen, and gave myself 2 minutes each for sketching with the brush pen—I improved in the second sketch! (I then added gouache to the second sketch without looking at the reference photo, because I'm trying to improve my memory).


Apologies if you have subscribed to this blog and wake up this morning to find that it is no longer so.

I did some fiddling with the blog organization yesterday. A reader wrote asking for a way to subscribe because the subscription buttons I had didn't work for her. So I hunted around for what to do.

Note: I don't even pretend to understand how the whole blog subscription thing works. Several people have explained it to me and my eyes start to roll around in my head. I visit blogs I like in odd moments during the day to "catch up,"  or to take a break. It's because I'm on the computer all day. I understand that for most people this is the least efficient way to do things and readers want efficiency.

At any rate, when I tried to add the RSS button I was presented with all sorts of choices I thought I had already resolved. And it looked like items were duplicated. So if I unintentially made a "fatal" error in relation to you and your subscription you of course won't get notification of this post. But I hope you'll find your way back and will join me again.

The "Subscribe in a reader" line near the bottom of the left-hand column, below the Archives list seems to connect you with a smorgasbord of choices. I hope it works for you.

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    Your still here on my computer and so are your great dogs.

    • LizzieBo
    • June 7, 2011

    Just an idle question- have you ever painted a Pukeko?

  2. Reply

    LizzieBo, I thought it must be a dog breed like a Puggle (pug and beagle) so I went to look it up before I responded.

    I have not sketched one of these, but they look very similar to all the moor hens, coots and rails I first drew in the marshes of Australia. My first serious attempts to draw birds!

  3. Reply

    Sharon, thank you for letting me know that I didn’t totally mess things up!!! Thanks for reading!

  4. Reply

    No problems for me either! I subscribed several months ago from your RSS button and its still working fine! Love your little pooches!

  5. Reply

    Caroline, glad to hear it’s still working! Thanks.

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