Where Oh Where Is the Stonehenge Kraft Paper Brown?

May 5, 2011

see the complete post for locations.

I've been getting a ton of inquiries about where to locate the new colors of Stonehenge, specifically the Kraft Paper Brown. Below you'll find a list of vendors for this paper that I just received from Legion Paper.

When contacting these vendors please note that the paper has only been out for 3 weeks. Some of these companies are huge—they may not have told all of their floor staff about this new product. This isn't something that the Legion Paper can control. Believe me, they want you to have the paper as much as you want it.

While the product has been shipped out to various vendors you may find that you will have to content yourself with mail order.

1. New York Central Art Supply, NYC
2. Dick Blick—web
3. Jerry's Artarama—web
4. DaVinci Art Materials, NYC
5. Wet Paint, MN
6. Guy T. Kuhn, MD—800 833-9318—web
7. Renaissance Graphic Arts, PA—888 833-3398—web
8. Graphic Chemical & Ink, IL—800 465-7382—web
9. Art Media, OR
10. Opus, BC, Canada
11. Curry's, ON, Canada

You might also want to talk to your local independent art supply store and ask them to carry the paper. Chances are they already carry the Stonehenge paper, but with limited space they may not be adding in the new choices at this time, unless of course they hear from you that you want it.

    • betty wilkins
    • May 5, 2011

    I ordered mine from Wet Paint, and YAY . . . it shipped today. I had emailed Dick Blick to see when it would be in stock there. They said, “We did expect to be able to offer all of the new colors around the end of April, but we have not received the stock we expected yet. We are now expecting all four new colors to be available around 5/15.”

    The company needs to give you a percentage, Roz!!

    • Wendi
    • May 5, 2011

    Hi Roz! Thanks for the heads up about the paper. You/your blog are so informative, I have a short cut to it on my desktop!

    Also, LOVED your video promo for your Strathmore Visual Journaling Class. SO FUNNY!I thought yor were going to rip someone’s head off over the whole “Primary Colors/RGB” issue. I laughed so hard; I love your sense of humor.

    Well, I finally got some gouache (M. Graham & Schminke, as you recommened). WOW!! So much fun. I love the intensity of the colors, and the range of uses. They are so creamy even after rewetting, and a little sure goes a LONG way! I think I”m switching to gouache, from transparent wc, permanently (as least for a while anyway). THANK YOU SO MUCH!

    I just need to learn how to use it, and reprogram myself as I am coming from a beginning transparent wc background, and teacher that preached gouache=bad. Also, there has to be more techniques than those that I am aware of. Do you know of any good books on gouache techniques?

    I filled my little empty half pans with gouache for when I am out an about, and am having a couple of issues: my white became a bit moldy after only a couple days, and my ultramarine blue dried up and cracked into several pieces. How can I avoid these problems? The rest of my colors all sem fine: still moist & no mold.

    Thank you so much!

    • Monique Bourgeois
    • May 6, 2011

    I can not find this paper online at Wet Paint.
    Is it me?

  1. Reply

    Monique, since they are close by I call or stop by and don’t use their website so I can’t help you.

    I’d go back to their site and send them an email.

  2. Reply

    Wendi, glad you enjoy the blog, and the class promo. Dick survived! (Barely! He did ruin the original 20 minute straight take!

    Glad you have some good gouache. The great thing about the two brands you bought is that you can use them in light washes. They are more granulated than transparent watercolors, but because neither of those brands puts in opacificers you don’t get the muck.

    So sorry you had a teacher who thought gouache=bad. Sigh, so she couldn’t appreciate any of the great British watercolorists and their use of body colour. Too bad. Leave her and her thoughts in the dust.

    Never have found a book on gouache that’s any good. The Illustration Bible (don’t know who wrote that) has some stuff on using gouache that is straightforward. But it’s not even a chapter I don’t think. I learned from old art directors and advertising guys (because they used gouache for illustration before acrylics were invented).

    I keep my eyes open. I’d love to write a book on gouache one day myself.

    Find people who work in it and watch them paint. That’s the quickest way!

    Moldy white paint??? I’ve never had that happen. Was it moldy and not just dirty? You must live in a humid area.

    When you come home after painting out, leave your paint set open on a table somewhere so the paint can dry out again over night.

    You might have something in your water, but that’s just scary!

    • Wendi
    • May 6, 2011

    Thanks Roz!

    I have no idea how/why the white got moldy, but I am certain it was mold and not just dirty. But none of the the other colors seem affected, that I can tell anyway. I would not put it past being something in the water here in my area. Its AWEFUL.

    Yes, lets just say my teacher had MANY “issues” (including anger management issues). He taught a class through the local parks & recreation department, but I think students voiced concerns about him and they cancelled his class. I stopped going well before that because I felt that an art class should NOT leave me feeling drained of energy or devoid of inspiration. He was/is a VERY skilled artist, but I have learned that not all skilled artists make good instructors (and vice versa).

    I did find another wc teacher through the local community college who was VERY GOOD in both fields. I was only was able to go to a couple of her classes (I have to work so I can pay bills and buy art supplies- its ironic), but sadly the college had to make budget cuts and her classes are no longer offered for the time being. she won’t be giving any private lessons either because she is working on a two huge sculpture projects. [sigh].

    But thankfully, I DO have your blog, and google, and flikr!!! And if you ever DO write a book on gouache I would SO be the first in line!!!

    Thanks so much, again!

    • Monique Bourgeois
    • May 8, 2011

    Thanks Roz. I have a call out to Art Media in Oregon. They are going to let me know when they get this particular paper. I’ll also call Wet Paint. Perhaps their website is not as intuitive as I’d like;) BTW-I love this kraft paper brown color as a neutral background for journal work. It reminds me of why I like paint (in oils) on grey (or otherwise prepared) backgrounds.

    • BJ
    • May 28, 2011

    Blick’s website still not listing it 🙁

  3. Reply

    BJ, I think it’s time you started working down the list! Others will run out before you get some from Blick at this rate.

    I’d give Wet Paint a call.

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