Roz Has Her Own Live Action Figure

May 13, 2011

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RozinCase Left: Life is just too rich right now! Read below for details.

My friend Tom was in London and passed an antiques store. There it was, my very own Live Action Figure!

OK, I didn't wear glasses when I was younger, and our uniform had brown socks and a navy blue tunic, but that's me!

Here's what Tom wrote:

Walking past an antique shop in London, I came upon this ventriloquist's dummy in the window. I thought immediately of you. The card says, "Lettice Leefe Hop, ventriloquist school girl dummy, originally the property of Frederick Barlow "The Great Barlow" (Magician), born 1903. Frederick Barlow performed with Letice Leefe Hop to the younger members of the Royal Family in the 1950s. Dressed in school girl uniform, with school tie, bright green socks, and tortoiseshell effect glasses. Inside, there are mechanisms for moving  eye brows, eyes, lips and mouth. Height: 42 inches."

Heck, it's 2:3 scale, take that Han Solo!

Clarification: Judging from the comments I've clearly caused confusion. While the post title says "has" I do not have this doll. It remains where Tom found it. I was using "has" in what appears to be a rather archaic and personally idiosyncratic way, to indicate the exisitence of, and availability of something in relation to a character, especially in this case a fictional character, as in: "Opus has plush toys of himself available," or "Han Solo has action figures" [available understood]. In other words I was trying to pimp myself by indicating that I was in fact a fictional character. So I apologize for the confusion. But it is the goal of every fictional character to have either an action figure or plush toy. And friends here have to put up with this sort of stuff all the time.

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    OMG Roz, how fabulous! She does resemble you–really incredible find!!!! I was an antiques dealer for over 20 years, so I know when something is a must have and this is definitely one of those!!!Congrats–assume that we will be seeing many drawings of her–can’t wait.

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    Oh, wow! That is SO funny! I think she needs to be in your journal.

    • mo
    • May 13, 2011

    and you now own it, right? please say you do!

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    Oh, dear, I’ve been unclear and will have to revise the post. No I do not own this doll. She’s something my friend saw in a window and alerted me to. There will be no sketches in my journal (though Tom’s photos will go in there).

    I’m sure I could never afford this doll. And while a trip to England to retrieve it might be fun (and cheaper than shipping—I’ll have something to say on this in a couple weeks on another matter), I’m sure the customs folks would have a field day.

    Nope, she doesn’t live with me.

  5. You’re right! Life is rich! This is priceless…. in more ways than one 🙂

    By the by, your videos in the Strathmore workshop are top notch. You are a natural teacher and very easy to learn from. Go girl!!

    • Zoe
    • May 13, 2011

    Perhaps we could all chip in and buy her for your birthday. 🙂

    Were your ears ringing? Just got off the phone with the Wet’s Virginia and I heard about the new stock.

    • Leslie Schramm
    • May 13, 2011

    Tisk Roz, I deliver all manner of madness to Minnie and Ames from Scotland, London is a $30 train ride away ( or $1.60 on the scary bus!!!) and frankly I’d love to be wandering though customs with something as mad as this in the hand luggage. Not admitting to what I have delivered, but it’s been fun, and yep I know sending stuff back and forth idiotically expensive. Been quoted as much as $100 to send a 2lb weight box. Will be in London and then Lille ( France ) in 2 weeks time!!! oh dear, Could be hand delivered by Cat Lady by June 9th, oh dearie me.

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    Pam, Thank you for your kind words. I’m glad you’re enjoying the workshop. (Week 3 is my favorite and it’s coming up.)

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    Zoe, nope, no b-day surprises! Old things smell. I’d never be able to live with it, for that reason, and because I’d be startled every time I turned around and saw it! But I love that Tom found it!

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    Leslie, I won’t impose and have you fetch this! But I’ll keep in mind that you travel frequently! Many thanks!

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    Zoe, I got the call on Monday or Tuesday, I don’t recall and couldn’t go in, but I have been in and there will be a post coming up, but Yes Wet Paint does carry Schmincke Gouache AGAIN. HAPPY DAY!!!!!!!!!!

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    I think that Lettice Leefe used to be on the radio when I was small. I’m pretty sure I used to listen to her on the radio in New Zealand. She was famous!

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    Oh she WAS famous. She was in GIRL comic, which we all used to get. Google her! The Greenest Girl in the School.

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    Roz, it is you! This proves it; you are famous. 🙂

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    That’s right Melisa, the last of my 15 minutes is accounted for!

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    What a perfect sighting! It definitely is “you”. I agree with Pam up above in the comments. You are a good teacher. You were very clear in each segment of the Strathmore class whether in supply usage, videos, the handout and the blog. You gave a lot! I enjoyed the class a lot and have more to think about and use now. I must say though, I have not seen such tiny palettes anywhere! Koi watercolor travel palettes are the closest so far.

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    Timaree, thanks, I’m glad you’ve enjoyed with workshop.
    You can get the kid’s palette here

    I don’t like the Koi palette as it is larger and flimsier, and well, I have these little guys!

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    Thanks Roz. I just ordered one for each of my granddaughters plus myself. They like to journal with me when I visit and I like to encourage them. So far they’ve used my paints and brushes; now they’ll have their own.

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