Liquid Watercolor Demo from Danny Gregory

May 8, 2011

Danny Gregory is working on another book. He discusses it as well as provides a step-by-step demo of a watercolor portait at his blog.

Danny and I have discussed his medium of choice before. I tried to talk him into using Dr. Ph. Martins' Hydrus Fine Art Watercolors, which are pigmented and more lightfast, but still liquid. But he loves the colors he gets with the concentrated water color sets.

Frankly, everytime I look at his vibrant work which is so jubulient in its use of color, I am reminded instead that sometimes the best art materials we can use are the most fugitive, the least archival. Why? Because they are at hand; because they sometimes (not always) cost less and we let go of adding up the cost; but most important—because they become a pure vehicle for getting our vision down on the page. The passion and joy show through when that happens.

And you can always scan or photograph your artwork afterwards!

So find a medium you love and work it and work it and push it to say what you want to say.

Note: While googling to find a link and description fo the Hydrus Fine Art Watercolors Sets (which I like to use in brush pens and refillable markers) I found this interesting discussion with tips from Janice Tingum on how to use Hydrus Fine Art Watercolors, that will give you some starting points.

  1. Hi Roz, I’ve been wanting to try those Dr Phils colours for a while, may just order a bottle today….

    I’m in your Strathmore Journal class, and its fantastic to see you ‘in action’. In one of your forum comments there you said this:
    “The Journal is a workbook and playground. And it is also just for me. I’m the audience.”
    I’ve been searching for words that sum up what journaling ‘is’, and they are just perfect.
    I’ve added them to my site ( attributed of course!) with a link back here.
    You rock lady!

  2. Reply

    Thanks Jane. I’m glad you’re enjoying the workshop over at Strathmore. I hope whichever Dr. Ph. Martin product you try you have great fun with it!

  3. Reply

    When I was in school we used Luma liquid watercolors and I still have some. I am not sure they make them anymore, and when I was in school my teachers really spoke poorly against Dr. Martins. It is funny how impressionable I was at that point and I was an adult student! Now though, as you know, I am gung-ho for tube watercolor set in pans.
    Today I am going to purchase some liquid acrylics to see if they work well with ruling pens (which I love). I am hoping that they are just the right consistency without needing to mix anything.So trying new supplies out is important.

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