International Fake Journal Month Fun Is Still Happening

May 6, 2011

As I knit the various portions of personality and characters back together into a more or less integrated self I just wanted you to know that there is still artwork going up related to my IFJM celebration in 2011.

Tyra D. Sheere's website under Esther Rayde (her nom de plume as a children's book writer and illustrator) will continue to be active through May. Since I am only posting her journal spread by spread at the Official International Fake Journal Blog and the final page spread from April 30 won't be up for a couple more days (and I can't post the video flip through of the entire journal until later this month, for reasons which will become obvious later) going to Esther's blog will sometimes get you a preview of what she's been up to. And in the case of her book covers you'll actually be able to read all the cover text!

You can see her latest dog portrait commission here.

You can see the cover of her latest book cover "What Bertie Saw" here.

Hydra Seetre's site will also have posts now and then. And you can follow them both on Facebook—though the real me has such trouble with FB I wonder what will get done there! (Yes, they have twitter accounts too!)

Maybe by the end of May things will be back to normal?

If you've read this post and you don't know what the f*#$ I'm babbling about go read "What Was She Thinking?—Roz's 2011 Fake Journal Explained."

"Life's so short, why live only one?"

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    Ha! Maybe the fake you will find FB easier than the real you!

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