Strathmore Visual Journaling Workshop Starts May 1, 2011— Preview Peek

April 8, 2011

See post for full details.

Above: Journal spread (8 x 8 inches approx.) of Pentel Pocket Brush Pen sketch with collaged papers, paint and rubberstamp ink.

On May 1, 2011 my FREE Strathmore Visual Journal Workshop, Building Your Visual Journal from the Page Up, goes live. Click on the link to get to the registration page.

In the workshop I cover a bunch of techniques that I know will enhance your enjoyment in visual journaling. We'll be pre-painting pages, we'll make fold outs, we'll work with collage papers, and we'll take a quick sketching trip to the zoo!

Today is a brief peek at "painting with paper," one of the techniques I cover in the four-part workshop. Paper is used to surround a drawing subject (fill the negative spaces). If you are interested in this technique, and would like to know how I go about it, please sign up for the workshop and let me take you step, by step though the process on one of the videos. It's great fun.

If you have already signed up, keep your eyes open and start collecting collage papers!

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    oh boy this sounds fun! I am already signed up for your workshop….

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    Been so looking forward to your class. Can’t wait to see what you have in store for us.

  3. You had me signed up for this long ago! And thanking my lucky stars it will be AFTER IFJM! How do you do it all?!!!

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    The workshop was filmed months ago, before even the first workshop by Pam was aired. But I must say, I’m glad that it is falling after IFJM too, as I think it would make some people crazy!!!!

    April is a killer month! EEEEK.

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    Cynthia and Elizabeth, I’m glad you are both going to join in.

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    Roz, some where along the way these past few months, I found your blog and have really been enjoying it ever since. I’ve done the two previous Strathmore Visual Journal Workshops and I am so excited that you are teaching the upcoming one!

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