Report on the April 2011 MCBA Visual Journal Collective Meeting: Drawing Treasured Objects

April 21, 2011

See the full post for details and images.

Above: Hector (my rubber Toucan Puppet, cousin to Gert, who is out on loan this month) was quite popular at the Collective. He was centrally located and large, so I think everyone could see him from where they were sitting—but don't tell him that. Back row, left to right, Ruth Smith, Jean Shannon, Suzanne Hughes. Front row, left to right, Briana Groetzen, and Miss T. Not shown: Ken Avidor, but his page is below. (Oh, and the fuzzy bits in the corners are artwork up in the bindery that I didn't have permission to photograph. But you can go and check them out, there's some cool stuff up right now.)

Last year when I was trying to find ways to get everyone sketching, Jean Shannon came up with the fun idea of "Drawing a Treasured Object." We did that at the Collective on Monday night. The objects ranged from silly (Hector) to serendipitous (Briana's rock with a heart relief, found when hiking with her husband).

Besides getting to see everyone's sketches we got to learn a little bit more about them and the things they collect and the things that matter to them. It's a great activity and if you have a group that gets together for drawing I recommend that you give this a try. It might be a little bit less intimidating than a portrait party. Begin with everyone introducing him or herself, and telling a story about the object that participant brought. Then let people circulate and sketch. You'll quickly loose track of time! And you'll hear more stories.

Below are some photos of additional glimpses into the visual journals of the 20 some people who joined in. I hope it was good practice for everyone and that people are planning on the May 7 sketch out. (See details on the MCBA Visual Journal Collective Info Page.)

All artwork shown below is copyright of the artist and is shown with permission.

Above: Briana Groetzen with a sketch of her rock with a heart on it and a reversible doll from Barbados that Jean Shannon brought.

Above: Mary with a sketch of her objects—a pendant which mixed natural materials with metal, a carved bead and a small brass dog.

Above: Thomas Winterstein sketched Avido'rs watch, as well as me while I was talking, and Alli Gator, Ruth Smith's plush toy. Thomas was working with Noodler's Burma Road ink, which has a lovely green-brown look.

Above: Ken Avidor's journal page inlcudes a view of Hector, me, his watch, Gwen's Astro Boy and Girl salt and pepper shakers and Jean's reversible doll from Barbados!

Above: Roz Stendahl's (me) sketch of the objects, with nothing to scale! Beginning with the very long-bodied horse toy (my sketch, not the actual toy) Suzanne brought. I worked my way around the room. Since I was on the opposite side of the table from most of the members most objects are drawn from the back. I ran out of time and space before I captured all the objects. Pentel Pockect brush pen in my current journal, which I made with Nideggen, approx. 6 x 8 inches. 

    • Karen
    • April 22, 2011

    Wow!! Sorry I had to miss it!

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