Past the Midway Point for International Fake Journal Month

April 19, 2011

See the post for details.

If you are confused as to what I've been doing this April for IFJM and wanted an explanation, well now you can find one at What Was She Thinking?—Roz's 2011 Fake Journal Explained.

You might also want to scan down the right column of that blog to the list of 2011 participants who are posting their work on their own blogs. Explore a bit and give them a word of encouragement. That's always cheering half way through a month long project.

Also the commemorative buttons for this year have been mailed out to participants. You can also it in the first post from Monday morning. It's pretty spiffy. I'm already thinking about next year's button! Think about joining us in 2012!

    • anne
    • April 19, 2011

    I read your explanation about your journaling this year and it gave ME an eye twitch too! (just kidding). Now to go “friend” your fake FB person…

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