It’s Officially Available: The New Colors of Stonehenge

April 23, 2011

Above: Pet store finch sketch (Faber-Castell Pitt Artist's Calligraphy pen and Schmincke Horadam Gouache) on KRAFT PAPER BROWN STONEHENGE.

I got the call that my Stonehenge new colors paper order had arrived on Wednesday, but couldn't go over to pick it up until Thursday, and couldn't use it until Friday. Sigh. But I have now, and that's all that matters.

I purchased 4 sheets of the icy blue and 6 sheets of the kraft paper brown so that I could make journals. While tearing down the Kraft paper brown I experienced a bit of cracking when folding with the grain, so I have put the remainder of the paper aside to let it rest in my environment. I'm hoping it will "hydrate" up after its trip into town. However, even if there is always a bit of cracking with this paper I have to say that I will use it. I mean, really, look at that color, could there be any doubt?

That leaves only one question: "Got Gouache?"

And if the anwser to that is no, then here's some more good news—Wet Paint is going to start selling Schmincke Horadam Gouache again! In fact it may have already arrived. When I was in on Thursday Darin told me they were expecting it any day.

I would love to think it was the once-a-week gentle reminder missives I've sent Darin (OK, it wasn't once a week, but it was close to that) telling him how wonderful Schmincke gouache is and how it would be great if he brought it back, especially since they've reorganized the store and there is so much more space now! I would also love to think it was the once-a-week, not-so gentle, in-store pleas ("Darin, when are you going to bring Schmincke gouache back?") I've been making (those actually have been weekly). It's more complicated than that, isn't everything. But it sure would be great if you all started painting with gouache now and showed Darin that, "If you stock it they will come." (Apologies to "Field of Dreams.")

Really, if you aren't working in gouache right now, and aren't working with Schmincke gouache right now, why?

Especially when paper of this color and texture exists in the world and is waiting for you. And when there are birds in the world. That's the trifecta of happiness: great paint, great paper, and birds to sketch.

Get busy, time's a wasting.

p.s. You know the drill, if you want to read more about my thoughts on Stonehenge paper, use the blog search engine. Even though I prefer it for sewn on the spine structures I'm going to make this crop of books casebound for reasons I'll write about another day, but like I said, you can find all that elsewhere on the blog…

When working with the Kraft Paper Brown you'll want to be sure to collate your sheets so that the same side of the paper faces its twin across the spread (there is a slight but noticeable color difference between the front and back sides of this sheet, which is typical with a darkly toned sheet like this). See my post on tearing, folding, and collating to match surfaces across spreads.

Also, the link to my first post about the new colors of Stonehenge lists some paper vendors that may be in your area if you aren't near Wet Paint, so I'm giving it to you here again.

And finally, I'm not financially associated with Wet Paint, Legion Paper (the makers of Stonehenge), or Schmincke Horadam Gouache. I'm just a happy girl who loves to paint birds on toned papers with gouache. Which is exactly what I'm going to go back to doing right now!

    • Nita
    • April 23, 2011

    Just to say, we don’t need to be near Wet Paint to buy from them. I’ve been ordering some of your recommendations, like the Stillman & Birn sketchbooks, over the months. Their service to New England is fast and friendly; I like dealing with them!

    • Miss T
    • April 23, 2011

    Roz, it’s only a matter of time before my husband starts to blame you personally for the amount of money I’m spending in Wet Paint.

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    Nita, I’m so glad you’re having great service with them mail order (I would have expected it). I have written about them so much and mentioned mail order that I assumed people knew that, but I’m really glad you wrote in to remind people! Maybe some day you can actually visit them. They have just rearranged everything in their store to make more room and miraculous have done just that and it’s better than ever! And of course the same great staff!

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    Miss T, it will not be the first time! Sigh.

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    Robyn, the paper is such a lovely color! (If you meant the drawing, thanks. I really love these little finches they have at the pet store. I always forget to read the sign and see what they are.) Roz

    • Jami
    • April 24, 2011

    Are these new papers actually in the stores yet?

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    YES! Jami, they are in the stores now, at least the paper has been shipped and received and logged in and available for sale at Wet Paint since Wednesday, or whenever it was that they called me first!

    The other vendors listed in my first post are the vendors who typically carry this paper and they should have theirs as well, though they might not be as quick to get it ready for sale. I don’t know how they work. I only list the other vendors because I know not everyone is able to just go to Wet Paint.

    But if you always do mail order, you can of course do mail order from Wet Paint too.

    If you live near one of the vendors listed in my first post call them up and see. They should have their paper!

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    YAY! I have been waiting! Mind you, that color of paper used to be available from several sources, I never COULD figure out why it went away. I’m using something similar now, but it’s really softer than I like…guess I won’t complain, though! Thanks, Roz…

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    Kate, I don’t know why people stopped making it in different lines! (Obviously they don’t ask us first!) I think you can still get Speckletone in this color but that’s a commercial printing paper that they sell at some stationery stores. (I like to draw in colored pencil on it but haven’t had any for quite some time.) I’ve been getting my brown-toned paper fix from Nideggen or Annigoni. Happy painting!!!

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    Do you know who else is selling the brown kraft paper color by Stonehenge? Is Wet Paint the only place selling it? The employees at Dick Blick looked at me like I was nuts.

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    Jami, I just heard back from Legion Paper and posted this information

    Hope that helps you. Blick is going to be mail order to start so they may continue to look at you as if you are nuts!

    Hey, but you can journal about it.

    • BJ
    • May 30, 2011

    Blick still does not have it on website and when I phoned, was told they don’t have it yet. 🙁

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    BJ, what can I say, it’s time to try one of the other vendors if you want this paper now.

    Here’s the list to work your way down. Of course I recommend Wet Paint.

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