Another Dog with Attitude from an Artist with Attitude!

April 29, 2011

See post for details.

Left: A spaniel with attitude. Pentel Pocket Brush Pen sketch in a journal I made with Nideggen (use the blog search engine to find out more about this paper).

I've got an attitude today myself—rainy days have been keeping me on the inside bike instead of the outside bike. As I set this post up I can only hope that I'll be out on the road today. If not: this is a self portrait.

Update 1:30 p.m.: I was able to get out for an-18-mile bike ride this a.m. It was gorgeous, 46 degrees F. and sunny, and only a slight breeze. I've got a much improved attitude.

    • Christina Trevino.
    • April 29, 2011

    Now you have two bikes? I thought you put the bike on an apparatus (sp?) all winter.

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    Christina, I brought my high school 10-speed out of retirement (neglect in the attic) to be retooled and attached to the trainer for inside work.

    Last year at the end of winter I had to wait for two weeks of good weather before my bike could be tuned up (and it had some issues).

    The current plan allowed me to take my outside bike in for a tune up during February (!) when we had a brief warm period that promised open roads SOON. HAHAHA.

    So this year it’s the weather that is causing the problems! But when there are rainy days this summer I can go upstairs and ride without carrying the outside bike up the stairs. I find that if things are ready I’ll do them, especially when it comes to inside riding, which is not particularly fun for me. But it beats the alternative (no riding).

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    Getting outdoors really helps with a lot of things. When I had a migraine for a few days (hopefully it’s gone for good today) I couldn’t focus so well on the computer, books or journaling and stay away from TV as much as possible so going outdoors in the wind and fresh air made me feel better physically and emotionally! I can see how riding a bike indoors just isn’t the same. Minnesota should be greening up nicely by now too.

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    Timaree, I hope you don’t have to face another migraine today! Minnesota is beginning to green up a little bit, but we are having a very delayed spring. It is usually an average of 60 degrees this time of year and I think the average is running in the 40s. Right now it’s below 40 and I’m going to have to wait until afternoon to ride my bike, when it gets to 46 (which is a good temp for me and my lungs). Roz

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