All I Want Is That Doggie in the Window—at Old Navy!

April 6, 2011

Above: Dog mannequin in the display at Old Navy.

On Sunday I went to the Mall of America for the MetroSketchers Sketch Out. You can see one of my page spreads on the group's facebook page.  I have to tell you that I found the Mall very depressing—everyone's ear attached to his cell phone or her hands texting. People buying stuff that was outrageous (but I've never been a fashionista). I truly felt as if I had landed on another planet.

The end-of-sketch meeting wrapped up at 3:06 p.m. and as I was walking out, my eyes barely able to focus after peering over railings to sketch unsuspecting people, I saw this pup in the window. Well, finally, something that I wanted, yearned for, in fact. Oh well.

I don't know what the location for next month's MetroSketchers is (Liz is being very secretive), but I have a sense it won't be another mall!

Let me know if you discover where I can get one of these dogs!

    • Pam Perry
    • April 6, 2011

    Ask the store manager — they must have the same display in other stores, so the home office should know if he doesn’t. Meanwhile, search the web for coyote decoys.
    We had them at the local cemetery to scare off the Canada Geese.

    • April 6, 2011

    Promise, it won’t be the mall or any mall, ever again. I think we all had the “landed on another planet feeling.”

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    Very funny, again another connection. I hate shopping and would fallen for this dog too.

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    Pam, I would have asked the store manager if I hadn’t been so tired, and probably will have to because friends have searched and haven’t found anything and most are telling me that Old Navy makes a big deal about their mannequins and they suspect that those were custom made for the stores.

    I do like the idea of coyote decoys and will start searching for those.

    Thanks for the great ideas Pam!

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    Liz, I don’t know what it is but Malls confound me more and more. When I visited France in 2006 I actually enjoyed seeing a department store there but I think my enjoyment was all in the search for things we can’t get here (few things), new trends (which we eventually got here), and comparing prices of things. And of course the people in France are different—fashion is very important to them.

    But I think it is also the overly bright lights and noise at the MOA. Who knows. I’m looking forward to sketching at the “secret” locations you’re considering!

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    Melly, the only shopping I like to do is for art supplies, but then because I have a favorite store and all the people there are really interesting it also means I usually get to have some really fun conversations as well. So maybe if I knew everyone I was buying from…nah.

    • Dogowner
    • January 21, 2014

    I have one if u wanna buy it, just email me

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    Dogowner, the blog doesn’t give me an email address to reach you back at. If you have one of these to sell please email me at with info and price so we can talk. Thanks.

    • Kassy
    • March 1, 2015

    Sir I want your dog!

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